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I put these in parts cause this was mean't to be in parts but I didn't do them, so, hope you enjoy.

Part 1

"Hey a Pikachu! Let's catch it! POKEBALL! GO!" said Hot Dog Red throwing a pokeball catching it. "Pika! Pikachu!" said the Pikachu coming out of his pokeball "Oh, you don't like it. Come on my shoulder." "Pika." said the Pikachu happy. "A Blitzle! Pokeball! Go!" said Mew throwing a pokeball at a Blitzle. "Hey, a Porygon! So tech! That's the pokemon for me!" Gary said throwing a Pokeball at a Porygon and picking up a Up-Grade. "Oh what's that! A Pikachu!" said a mysterious person. "Let's get it!" said another one. "Pikachu!" said Red's Pikachu. "DUN DUN DUN!" said the Narrator "GOOM GOOM GOOM!" said his Goomy.

Part 2

"Hey, Mew, can you trade my Porygon and trade back?" said Gary "Sure, why?" said Mew questioned "Well Mew, if you didn't know, Gary found a Up-Grade, if you trade a Porygon with a Up-Grade it becomes Porygon2." said Hot Dog Red. "Okay! Let's do it!" said Mew trading. "Okay, now my Porygon evolved, let's go find Pikachu!" said Gary "Not right there!" said a Meowth "Hey a talking Meowth!" said Hot Dog Red "So, your like every twerp!" said the Meowth "Twerp? Porygon2! Use your Download ability! And then use Zap Cannon!" said Gary "Pory, GONNNNNNNNNNNN!" "I'm blasting off again!" said Meowth. "Now that they are almost to the Team Rocket base, Gary's Porygon evolves and Mew forgot something... As the journey continues!" "Goomy goomy goomy!" said his Goomy.

Part 3

"Huh, my Blitzle evolved in Zebstrika, all I did was put these blue candies in his Pokeball." said Mew surprised, "Uh, Mew, those blue candies are rare candies, they increase your pokemon's level." said Hot Dog Red "Oh!" said Mew "My Porygon2 evolved into PorygonZ!" said Gary after his Porygon2 touched a item. "Why?" said Mew "I don't know, but it's crazy." said Gary surprised "Guys! to Team Rocket Base!" said Hot Dog Red "Yeah!" said Mew! "Now that's it for now! As the journey continues!" said the Narrator "Goom goom goom!" said his Goomy.

Part 4

"Now! Were here! PorygonZ! Use Lock-On to find Team Rocket!" said Gary "Porygon Z!" said PorygonZ finding Team Rocket "Oh you little twerps!" said Jessie and James "Let's get them! PorygonZ, use Zap Cannon!" said Gary "PORYGON Z!!!!" said PorygonZ "WERE BLASTING OF ONCE AGAIN!" said Team Rocket blasting off in the air. "We did it! Now! Let's defeat the Unown!" said Hot Dog Red "Yeah!" said Gary. "Now that Team Rocket is cleared, our heros are ready to defeat the Unown! As the journey continues!" said the Narrator!

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