So recently I was wondering, what is your favorite party? Then I started asking people, and here were my results. Note: If you are not on here, tell me your favorite and I will add it!

JonthePlayerxD: Lime Green Party (2006)

Shurow: Both of the Water Parties (2007 - 2008)

Jeserator: Halloween Party 2007

BenDingo: Christmas Party 2007

Darien8910: All of the Puffle Parties (2009 - current)

Chriskim98: All of the Medieval Parties from 2009 - 2011

CustardTheAngryBird - PixieLil: Festival of Flight 2009

NooblyNob: Holiday Party 2009

Sleetcp: Wilderness Expedition 2011

WikiaFrog: April Fools' Party 2011

Seth4564ti - Superalvi100: Music Jam 2011

ClubChibiko: Rockhopper's Quest (2012)

Octopushy - Sharkzrule89: Medieval Party 2012

Pinkie Pie Puffle: Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam (2012)

KingJnk9 - RafaelMoutaCP - Charlie the Penguin - Spoty100 - Lord Sir Guilmon Digital Monster XIXVI - Dps04 - Fire86743 - Penrock13 - Sydmull - Phineas99cp: Operation: Blackout (2012)

CrepeLover1: Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit (2012)

Puffle Fantasma: Hollywood Party (2013)

Apj26 - JJGaming: Star Wars Takeover (2013)

Bearjedi: Halloween Party 2013

Mrdave921: The Fair 2014

TechnologyPookie: Music Jam 2014

GSzabia: Fashion Festival (2015)

Hypercane: Prehistoric Party 2016

The list goes in order from the date the party occurred (ex: Festival of Flight started in August, Holiday Party started in December. It also goes by years)

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