Hey, people! What's up? It's me, Omegasonic2000, with an AMAZING story divided in chapters! I know it looks like JWPengie's stories, but he allowed it, so... Moving on!

Chapter 1 - Last Stall To The Right

It's the second day of school. Omega X, who was 14 years old, had past 8th Grade, and moved to Penguinville, Club Penguin's neighbor island, which had always been protected by a Ninja. He entered 9th Grade in the 800 years old "Ultimate High School", where anyone, no matter how or who they were, could enter to study. He was lucky to know that, because recently, he had changed. He's not a penguin anymore. He's a hedgehog, although he keeps the light blue from his older penguin form. He's at class, with his new teacher. The teacher said "OK, everyone, pens up! Write everything you did during summer!". Omega X starts writing when a kid comes from under his table. His name is Blacksaber, he's Omega X's best friend and he moved to Penguinville with Omega. He says "Psst, Omega, can I copy you?", to which Omega replies "No, you can't.". Blacksaber says "But we've had the same summer!". The teacher shoots at Blacksaber with a paperball and he returns to his chair. Then, Omega starts thinking "Well, not the same summer. We've sure started the summer the same way...", and he's seen playing videogames with Blacksaber on a flashback, and he then goes back to thinking again "But, two days ago...", and we see, on a new flashback, Omega returning home and finding a table in the middle of the room and a mysterious man looking from the window and then disappearing. He opened the box and he saw a book with a note. The note said "The NinjaNomicon", and Omega tossed the book away with the rest of his completed videogames. Under the book, there was a mask on the box with another note on it. The note said "You are the Ninja", to which Omega said "This is SO AWESOME!". He lifted his hands and the note started floating in his room, and when he put on the mask, this entangled him fully, except for the eyes, and became a full Ninja Suit. He had amazing abilities, and he showed off with those, even if there was no one to see him. When he removed the mask, he said "I'm gonna tell everybody!", but the note from before fell on his face, but from the other side, which said "You can't tell anyone", and Omega shouted "What a letdown!". The flashback then stops and Omega X, in his table, realizes he wrote he was the Ninja all over the essay and thinks "AND NOW I REALIZE I WROTE IT ALL OVER MY HOMEWORK!!!" to himself. He ripped the paper to tiny pieces, and when the teacher came to take the essays from the class, Omega gave the pieces to the teacher, the former saying to the latter that it's the "fleeing nature of summer" and the teacher gives him a B. Later, while heading to the Cafeteria, Omega X and Blacksaber discuss about the reason the Ninja hasn't appeared in these two days. Omega X says "The Ninja has protected this school and the city for 800 years and he can't just appear to just show off..." and then he thinks to himself "...or can he?". When they arrive to the Cafeteria, he says "I got to go to the bathroom", to which Blacksaber agrees. Once he enters the bathroom he puts on the Ninja Mask, which entangles him again, and he becomes the Penguinville Ninja. He leaves the bathroom through the ventilation and appeares in the Cafeteria with a Smoke Bomb. Everyone cheers for him, and he shows off his Ninja moves. When he's about to leave with a Smoke Bomb, Blacksaber grabs him by the leg, begging him to wait for his best friend Omega X to exit the bathroom. Now, the camera moves to the Principal's Office, where the Principal, a green (with blue stripes on his hair), 14 years old hedgehog, his mother and his step-father are seen. The principal tells them about the pranks the kid, Freezer, has committed in these two days. He mentions that the most evil of all those was doing a wedgie to one of the students. The mother asks what a wedgie is, and the principal shows a video recording of Freezer doing a wedgie to one of the students. The mother says "My son could never do that!", and Freezer replies "Yeah, that's right, mom! He hates me!". They're interrupted by a bunch of students running in the hall and shouting about the Ninja being in the Cafeteria. The principal follows them, and Freezer goes too. The mother leaves the school, and Freezer's step-father, called McSteel, calls a scientist who works for him, called Cell. McSteel tells Cell to release the Frankenkraken to destroy the Ninja, and he does it. When the Frankenkraken arrives to the school, he finds the Ninja and attacks him. Omega X uses some Ninja moves, but the Frankenkraken proves itself to strong to be defeated, and slams Omega through a wall. Meanwhile, Blacksaber texts Omega through the phone "Buddy, you have to come outta the bathroom! A monster's crushing the Ninja!". Once he crushes against a locker, Omega receives the message and says "I wouldn't think or say he's crushing me...", but inmediately leaps to the right to avoid the Frankenkraken's attack. He enters a door nearby and realizes it's the hallway's bathroom. Suddenly Omega has an idea. He goes out of the bathroom and lures the Frankenkraken inside it. Once both are inside the bathroom, he pushes the Frankenkraken into one of the stalls and locks it tightly. The Frankenkraken can't get out, but Omega X has to find a way to defeat it. He enters the Cafeteria's bathroom from the ventilation, puts off the mask and exits the bathroom. He finds Blacksaber there and says "What'd I miss?". Blacksaber replies "Oh, nothing, just the Ninja being beat up by a monster!". Omega decides to ignore him and return to class, but now it's Blacksaber who goes to the bathroom, but he goes to the one in the hallway instead. When he returns to class, Omega asks "What took you so long?", and Blacksaber tells him what happened with the Ninja and the monster earlier, and he adds "So the Ninja sealed the monster in the bathroom... and I set it free! So, when the Ninja comes, we'll both meet him!". Omega shouts "YOU DID WHAT?!", shocked. The monster suddenly breaks through a wall outside the class, heads outside the school and starts destroying random stuff. Omega thinks "I wish there was something that taught you to be a great ninja!", and when he looks at his math book, he thinks "The NinjaNomicon!". He tells the teacher he's got to go to the bathroom, and the teacher accepts. Omega X leaves the class, but instead, he goes to the school's main door and gets his bike. He rushes to his igloo and looks for the NinjaNomicon. Once Omega opens it, his consciousness is dragged inside the book. When Omega X's consciousness lands inside the NinjaNomicon, giant, doodle-like words appear, forming the sentence "Believe in the weapon that is in the suit". Omega believes himself to be the weapon, and he's pulled out of the NinjaNomicon. He returns to the school and puts the Ninja Mask on. He fights against the Frankenkraken and wins, but the Frankenkraken then reveals a seventh arm and punches Omega with it, sending him a few meters away and accidentally pulling out a bit of a sword. Omega realizes the NinjaNomicon referred to the sword. He fully pulls it out and starts slashing the Frankenkraken to tiny pieces. He is cheered by the crowd and then leaves with a Smoke Bomb. He meets Blacksaber, who tells him he thinks he's discovered the secret. Omega acts confused but he is really shocked, and Blacksaber starts talking. "Whenever you leave, the Ninja comes, and when he leaves, you come!" Blacksaber says. While Blacksaber's talking, Omega X puts on the mask and Blacksaber turns back. He sees the Ninja before him and says, finally noticing "My best friend's the Ninja! SO AWESOME! I'm gonna tell this to everybody!", to which Omega, as the Ninja, replies "You can't." and Blacksaber says "What a letdown!". Omega says "You remind me of myself", and Blacksaber asks if they can leave with a Smoke Bomb. Omega agrees and throws one. Blacksaber says "Eww, those Smoke Bombs stink!", to which Omega X replies "You get used to it in the end.".


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