Hey y'all penguins!

How are you doing?

One of Club Penguin's most-loved parties returns for another year – The Fair is back! Everyone can play games, earn tickets, and collect prizes. Take part in the Daily Spin to earn silver tickets and coins!


"But P.H. (you ask desperately), who's visiting this year's Fair?" Well I'm glad to say that while Rookie will be celebrating The Fair, Aunt Arctic will be celebrating the 500th issue of the Club Penguin Times.

If you meet Rookie or Aunt Arctic, remember to send them a friend request and collect their background!

When you meet Rookie and Aunt Arctic for the first time, you'll also collect their stamps!


Also, if you're a member, you can collect the Explorer stamp by visiting all of the decorated rooms.

The Penguin Band is performing every 10 minutes at the Amazement Park! You won't collect their stamps this time, but remember to click on them to get their background!


(You say while reading the post) "You still didn't explain what I can do."

Ok fine, I will improve.

1. Log in – Rookie will welcome you to The Fair!


2. Try the improved Daily Spin to earn tickets, coins, and items! Members can go on unlimited Fair rides, and non-members can earn silver tickets in the Daily Spin to go on rides.


3. Play games like Feed-A-Puffle, Balloon Pop, and Medieval Monsters to earn tickets to buy items. New items are unlocked daily, so keep checking back!

The Fair 2015 Prizes Catalog page 1.png
The Fair 2015 Prizes Catalog page 2.png

(You still ask {seriously, you're asking again? I'm trying my best here}) "Where can I find The Fair items interface?"


Click the ticket in the top right to see all of the items. Scroll to the right using the arrow to see everything!

Are you happy now?

Alright I don't care if you still have a question. Ask Disney, they bought this game, not me!

Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough of The Fair. I hope I answered all your questions, so start enjoying The Fair and until the next post... Waddle On!

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