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  • Phineas99cp

    Hello everybody. Long, long time no see. In fact, my first blog post since December 2016

    Just as the title says, I made a group chat on Twitter for all the CP Wikians who have stuck with us, eventually becoming a part of the community.

    Truth is, the CP Wiki is in its final legs. 80% of activity decreased since 2015, and that's not good. I try to preserve the contact among ourselves alive as we can. Most shifted away from this wiki to Twitter, CPPSes, perhaps other games, you name them, but this wiki is not just an informational page composed of over 9000+ pages; it's a community composed of dedicated, talented, creative users that once (or maybe still now) shared a common like just like almost everybody else, and just because we've outgrown …

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  • Phineas99cp

    I apologise for taking a long time posting this.

    As many of you may have noticed, The Club Penguin Wiki turned 10 years old on December 20! That's a huge milestone and I thought it'd be great to do many things in honor of this wiki.

    Due to this, I decided to declare the following week (and roughly some few days) (December 20 - December 30) the Club Penguin Wikia Takeover !

    Here is a list of activites that I'd like to do with you in the following days

    • CP Wiki turns 10 years old

    • CP Wiki Takeover begins

    • Christmas Day Reunion in chat

    • The Penguin Herald: Special Throwback Edition (written by me)

    • Club Penguin Wikia Party on CP

    • CP Wiki Chat Reunion
    • Finale Day of the "Club Penguin Wikia Takeover"

    Additionally, I'd like to do a custom party on CP named after th…

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  • Phineas99cp

    Hello everybody!

    It's been a while ever since I stopped in here!

    Hence the title, I've been very inactive lately, and the reason is because my computer stopped turning on unexpectedly. Therefore, I was unable to log on afterwards.

    However, I am using another computer that is not mine, yet I can still access through the Internet with no problem. I did make a small appearance like 2 weeks ago in chat explaining the same. Nonetheless, I was using another computer and that computer had several problems which made it complicated for me to access the Internet. The Internet browser was closing frequently though there were some few cases in where my browser (Mozilla Firefox) lasted long.

    So when would I come back? I am unsure though it might be this O…

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  • Phineas99cp

    Hello everybody

    I remember mentioning in my previous blog post that I might host another Summer Shenanigans this year. However, I've decided to, first, check with the majority of the active users in here if they're interested in taking part of the event.

    I'm not the only that noticed this, but the CP Wiki is falling apart in terms of population. This wiki isn't as active as it was in the past years, and that's what makes me think twice if I should host the Summer Shenanigans this year, or not.

    For those who have no idea of what the Summer Shenanigans are, it is a competition between teams in where they have to pass through a series of activities that takes place in the Summer. The activities will be rated by its quality, the number of the tea…

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  • Phineas99cp

    Club Penguin Updates
    Issue #7: July 09, 2016

    1. This Week...
    2. #Support Story - Frozen Party strikes again next month
    3. Interview with...
    4. Pictures of the Week
    5. Advertisements
    6. Upcoming Events and Current Pin

    Hey everybody. The Penguin Herald is back (after a long, long break). This is the seventh issue and this issue has lots of news. New party, new pin, new start. Credit goes to Cool Pixels for the template, theme based on the previous editions of The Penguin Herald. Special thanks to Penguin-Pal and Roger6881 for helping him make this theme (which was previously used for the Club Penguin Updates).


    There is a scene in Zootopia that got deleted because it was too dark for the audience, in where Nick and Judy crawl …

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