Hello fellow wikians.

I'm back with a new contest. With the School & Skate Party taking place, I thought of doing a party relevant with the party. As stated in the title, I will make a Create a Skateboard Contest.

The contest is similar to my Easter Egg Designing Contest 2014.

What is the contest about?

This contest will involve skill at designing stuff. Users will be able to design their own skateboard. The best skateboard will win the contest.


  • 1st Place: 1 week membership code, userbox template, free custom penguin with the skateboard
  • 2nd Place: Userbox Template, free custom penguin with the skateboard
  • 3rd Place: Userbox Template

However, all participants will be able to claim a trophy and a free userbox template for participating. No matter if it loses the 1st round, the 2nd round, or won. All users who participated will be able to claim those prizes.


  • No cheating
  • Do not design a skatebord that looks similar from the ones released in CP, or in the Zazzle website. The skateboard design must be originally made by you. (Example: If someone enters their skateboard design and if the skateboard design is inverted from an existing skateboard design, it won't qualify)
  • As stated in the previous point, do not design a skateboard, that looks very similar to another user's skateboard.
  • Feel free to add any kind of pattern in it.

I will add a draft soon for those users who can't wait to design their own skateboard. UPDATE The draft is here!


Entering for the contest is due October 4, 2014

What are you waiting for? Good luck everybody! ;)

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