Spongebob Takeover

Members only? No
When June 19, 2014 - July 3, 2014
Free Item(s) Bikini Bottom Background, Billybob Squarepants Giveaway, Polotrick Giveaway, Squidmoose Giveaway, Daffy Cheeks Giveaway, Mr. Spikeugine Krabs Giveaway, Rookie's Underwater Giveaway, Life Ring (2014 Version), Pirate Portrait, Orange Stuffed Parrot, Rockhopper's Lighthouse Giveaway, Fluffy the Fish Pin, Boat Car Pin, I Heart Fluffy the Fish Cap.

Underwater Igloo Location, Bikini Bottom Gang Background, Squidward's Tiki Igloo, Sandy's Treedome Igloo, Sailor Cap Puffle Hat.

Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Billybob Squarepants, Polotrick, Rookie, Rockhopper, Mr. Spikeugine Krabs, Daffy Cheeks, Squidmoose.

The Spongebob Takeover is a future party based on the Nickelodeon Series Spongebob Squarepants which will be released in Summer 2014. This party will happen if Disney buys Nickelodeon.


Normal Club Penguin Island Rooms

  • Town - The Coffee Shop will be decorated as the Chum Bucket, The Book Room/CP Times Office will be Plankton's Office with Karen in it. The Nightclub will be decorated similar to the Water Party 2008, and the Clothes Shop will be the Barg N' Mart
  • Snow Forts - The same as the Water Party 2008
  • Stadium - The Stadium transforms into a big pool, for a match of Volleyball.
  • Plaza - The Pet Shop and Puffle Hotel transforms into a snail shop and a snail hotel. The Stage will be playing the "Underwater Adventure" play and the Pizza Parlor transforms into the Krusty Krab
  • Cove - The Cove transforms into the Goo Lagoon, the Epic Wave returns for this party. There is also a tube similar to the one from the Dock at the Festival of Flight which takes you to a special underwater room.
  • Iceberg - The iceberg transforms into the Bikini Atoll.
  • Dock - Similar to the Underwater Expedition
  • Forest - The Forest transforms into a Seahorse Farm. Members will be able to transform into seahorses, or ride a seahorse on this room.
  • Mine Shack - The Mine Shack is Mrs. Puff's Boating School exterior. There are several boat cars located here
  • School - The School transforms into Mrs. Puff's Boating School
  • Beach - Rockhopper docks here. There are several Summer Kickoff Party decorations located here. The Mega Whale can be accessed by this room also
  • The Lighthouse - Same like the Underwater Expedition.
  • Beacon - Same like the Submarine Party.
  • Ski Hill - Octi returns in this room and the snow transforms into sand.
  • Ski Village - A giant pool is located here. The Bikini Bottom Row can be accessed here.

Party Rooms

  • Special Underwater Party Room - This room will be similar to the Goal room when you finished the Underwater Maze during the Underwater Expedition. This room is members only. In this room you will enter into a machine Gary created, to transform into a fish.
  • Bikini Bottom Row - A similar party room to the Fraternity Row during the Monsters University Takeover. Over there will be located Spongebob's Pineapple, Patrick's Rock, and Squidward's Tiki House. It is located between the Snow Forts and the Plaza. You will be able to access those rooms
  • Mega Whale - The party room from the Water Party 2008


  • This was actually a combination of the Water Parties, Submarine Party and the Underwater Expedition
  • The Ski Lodge, Lodge Attic, Dojo and Underground Rooms are filled with water similar to the underground rooms during the Celebration of Water
  • Non-Members can transform into snails at the Pet Shop, and members can transform into fish and either ride a seahorse, or transform into a seahorse.
  • The Good Dinosaur Takeover will take place during this party also. The Time Trekker will be located at the Iceberg (Bikini Atoll) to travel back in time during the Prehistoric Times.
  • The Epic Wave and the Highway room return during this party. There will be new surfboards on sale on the Spongebob Catalog and the surfboards can be used in the game Catchin' Waves.
  • The One Plankton Eye returned at next year's Scare Games (Not Monsters University Takeover)
  • The snow from the Snow Dojo transformed into sand during the party.
  • The Fire Dojo closes during the party, you can only play Card-Jitsu Fire with the mats from the Martial Artworks Catalog.
  • The island is covered from sand instead of snow everywhere during the party.
  • This party was confirmed by Polo Field on June 6, 2014 at the What's New Blog and he said that one of Club Penguin's favorite parties ever might return this month...but with some few changes...

Spongebob Catalog

Items in bold are member items.

  • Gary's Puffle Eyes Hats - 150 Coins
  • Crab Puffle Eyes Hats - 200 Coins
  • Red Speed Boat Car - 350 Coins
  • Buoy Costume - 500 Coins
  • Spongebob's Pants - 350 Coins
  • Mr. Krabs' Claws - 250 Coins
  • Sandy's Bikini - 350 Coins
  • Fish Costume - 200 Coins
  • Patrick's Pants - 400 Coins
  • One Plankton Eye - 200 Coins
  • Spongebob Costume - 350 Coins
  • Patrick Costume - 350 Coins
  • Squidward Costume - 450 Coins
  • Sandy Costume - 200 Coins
  • Mr. Krabs Costume - 250 Coins
  • Plankton Costume - 500 Coins
  • Mrs. Puff Costume - 450 Coins
  • Blue Speed Boat Car - 350 Coins
  • Black Speed Boat Car - 350 Coins
  • Buoy Puffle Hat - 200 Coins
  • Fluffy the Fish Costume - 350 Coins
  • Grey Fish Costume - 350 Coins
  • I Heart Fluffy the Fish T-Shirt - 250 Coins
  • I Heart Fluffy the Fish Puffle Cap - 200 Coins






Mascot Giveaways


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