While Phineas99 was frozen for 2000 years, many things changed, and a lot of meaningul events occurred while Phineas99 was still frozen. A Great War occurred, radioactive changes, etc.

  • ZZZ...HERBEEEERT!!! - Me after being melted from the containment cell
  • Herbert? You mean that polar bear? Polar bears were extinct like 600 years ago! - Future Citizen
  • What? Where am I? - Me
  • Oh, you sure got a hit on your head. You are on Club Penguin Island! - Future Citizen
  • Is this the Snow Forts? - Me
  • Lol no. You are right now at the Crater Forts - Future Citizen
  • Date? - Me
  • May 10, 4014! - Future Citizen
  • WHAAAT?! - Me
  • Wait, who are you? A Time Traveler? - Future Citizen
  • Not really, I am a penguin who was frozen for 2000 years - Me
  • ARE YOU FROM 2014? WE NEED TO TAKE YOU TO A MUSEUM! - Future Citizen
  • Lol! I will be famous like a fossil! Like a dinosaur! - Me
  • But being serious, nobody should know you are an alive dinosaur. - Future Citizen
  • Why? - Me
  • The future is not as you expected. The future may have high-technology, many inventions, etc. Unfortunately, it is taken down by the Microbots. We are all slaves of the Microbots; Bots sent by Protobot - Future Citizen
  • Woah, I never knew Protobot was still alive - Me
  • Well, certainly he is. - Future Citizen
  • WATCH OUT! INCOMING METEOR! - Future Citizen #2

Meteor lands on the Plaza, and the part of the Plaza is now broken apart like an Iceberg, separating Club Penguin Island with The Plaza

  • NOO!!! NOT THE PLAZA! - Future Citizen #2
  • And why are they attacking us? - Me
  • Protobot wants our powerful energy. With the energy, anyone can do something with it. The energy must not fall on bad flippers. The energy can power anything. The energy can be utilized as a Time Machine, as dead machine, etc. The energy can power up anything at its maximum point something existent or not. If Protobot gets the energy, we do not know what type of things he would do! He could travel back in time and change the Past, or destroy our island and the entire galaxy, etc. That's why Protobot is threatening our island by launching meteors at us - Future Citizen
  • Gosh, I do not understand why the EPF haven't eliminated Protobot yet. We could simply use an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and eliminate Protobot once and for all - Me
  • Ikr...the EPF is very stupid sometimes... - Future Citizen
  • What is your name? - Me
  • Spaceguin 3000 - Future Citizen (Known as Spaceguin 3000)
  • Spaceguin 3000...nice to meet you! I am Phineas99 :) - Me
  • Phineas99. Good to see you! - Spaceguin 3000
  • Good to see you as well! Could you show me more of the island in the future? Or well...Present 4014 Club Penguin? - Me
  • I am more than pleased than do such thing. Follow me! - Spaceguin 3000
  • All right! - Me

At the Future Town...

  • This is the Town. The most attractive room of the island. You can eat Space Squid Pizza at the Blast-Off Bistro, dance at the Space Dome breaking the law of physics, or purchase and customize a Robo at the Robo Shop! - Spaceguin 3000
  • Cool! Wait, who is that Cyborg Penguin? - Me
  • Hello fellow penguin - Cyborg
  • Hello. Uh...Spaceguin? - Me
  • Oh. You can also become into a cyborg at the Robo Shop, but it is very risky. - Spaceguin 3000
  • Oh, ok... - Me
  • Hello there! - Me
  • Hello - Random Green Penguin
  • What is that Jet Pack tied onto your back? - Me
  • It's a Jet Pack specialized for uh...for us, Guardians of the Space - Random Green Penguin
  • Oh... - Me
  • To join, then join the Space Academy at the Beach today! - Random Green Penguin
  • Thanks, but I'll pass - Me
  • Ok then. ALL AGENTS! DESTROY THOSE METEORS! - Random Green Penguin
  • ...He reminds me of Rookie... - Me
  • Rookie? Who is he? Anyways, just follow me and you will see! - Spaceguin 3000
  • Ok! - Me

Sometime later

  • So...this is the Beach... - Me
  • Exactly, but personally, I do not see it much of a Beach. This is the base of the... - Spaceguin 3000
  • ...Of The Avengers! :D - Me
  • Lol no. This is the base of the Extra Planetary Federation. - Spaceguin 3000
  • Extra Planetary Federation? - Me
  • Exactly. The Extra Planetary Federation is home of the high-technology we have on our island nowadays. Robos, Space Jet Packs, etc. Our director is... - Spaceguin 3000
  • Buzz Lightyear? - Me
  • Lol no! Our director is... - Spaceguin 3000
  • WATCH OUT! ANOTHER METEOR! - Future Citizen #3 interrumpting Spaceguin 3000

Another meteor hits the island

  • Listen. I really appreciate the fun we had and I thank a lot for the tour. However, I seriously must return to my time. Is there a way to travel back in time? - Me
  • Time travelling eh? You would need to infiltrate Protoguin 3000's Storage Igloo - Spaceguin 3000
  • Protoguin 3000? - Me
  • Protoguin 3000 is Protobot's favorite (and main) slave. Protoguin 3000 is a robot that listens to Protobot's orders. Protoguin 3000 is his assistant. - Spaceguin 3000
  • And why do I need to know this? - Me
  • Because maybe Protoguin 3000 has a Time Machine on his Storage Igloo. - Spaceguin 3000
  • Time is gold! Take me to his Storage Igloo please! - Me
  • Absolutely! Follow me! - Spaceguin 3000
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