• Digitised verson of JordyP1's picture of me.
  • Digitised verson of JordyP1's picture of Daniyal519
  • Graffocp
  • Graffocp
  • Pengin 112


Please don't request any more drawings. I want to finish the list I have right now. Anyone already on the list can still change their request as usual.

Going by the number of requests on my last blog about my digitising, I thought I might aswell make a blog just for requests.

All the requests I get will be put here, including the ones I get on my Twitter page.

Want to Request?

If you wish to make a request, please comment below with the details such like:

  • Colour-
  • Head-
  • Face-
  • Neck-
  • Body-
  • Hand-
  • Feet-
  • Pose-
  • New or old style-

~You dont have to put one of every clothing item, but make sure you tell me if you want a certain pose or not, and old or new style. This may not seem important, but if when it's your turn to be drawn, I will have to skip you untill I have all the details~

Please note: These things take a VERY long time to do, avg. time is 11 hours in total, but spread over a few days. So please be prepared to wait. You can change your request any time UNTILL you're next. I don't want to be on the last stage of drawing you and then I see you've changed it. Also, if you see anything wrong with the request, please tell me soon for the same reason.


Pingutux123 (talk) 11:38, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

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