Redidy Penguin

aka Redslime

  • I live in CP (Not really)
  • My occupation is Club Penguin
  • I am Redslime aka Redidy
  • Redidy Penguin

    Does anyone remember me. Redidy Penguin, the one with the pixelated red face. I felt awful for leaving. When I knew Club Penguin was going to end, I wanted to go back and celebrate, but I didn't. I just saw my old blog post now -

    It was filled with few but very heartwarming comments. Only now did I see this. I felt that I was actually someone fun to talk with. The gov school I talked to you about, it wasn't too much. I could have come back a few weekends. The reality is this virtual place doesn't last too long. Either because of the company who gave rise to this wiki or just real-life things that happened. I was very insincere when I just said "Bye". No actual gratit…

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  • Redidy Penguin

    Before I totally say Bye, I decided to make a party called Summer Party 2015 like Summer Shenanigans. But It's about playing games in CP,chatting etc.

    The announcement of the Party.

    Games- April 7-15 Meetups- April 16-17 Relaxing and Chatting- April 18-30 Random Day- May 1

    There will be 6 Equalizers We need 24 participants right below for the Ski Hill Riding More info when there are 24 participants

    10 Participants needed More info when there are 10 participants

    There are 13 Categories

    We need 3 Volunteers to Judge

    Who is the Funniest User in Chat will win the game and get an award/trophy

    We need 5 comedians to join. And we will vote through poll.

    Do things in CP with the one who will leave on May 2 (Me) in Sleet, Town, Blizzard, Plaza April 16-17 …

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  • Redidy Penguin

    Farewell CPWIKI

    March 28, 2015 by Redidy Penguin

    Everyone, I have to leave. Bye!!! :(

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  • Redidy Penguin


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  • Redidy Penguin

    2014 in CPW

    January 14, 2015 by Redidy Penguin

    Wait this is no timeline.

    • FurryHamster03 changes his name to FuzzyHamster
    • Penguin-Pal retires from being Admin/B-crat
    • Watatsuki becomes a Patroller
    • People talk about Wikia War 3
    • The Economy (XP) (Chat) is becoming less active
    • CPChatBot was replaced many times by VicBot
    • Cool Pixels was inactive for a long time.
    • JWPengie demoted
    • Redidy Penguin being inactive for 3 weeks
    • Awesome335 becomes an admin then a b-crat
    • The Puffle Planet publicly announced that he is both a sockpuppet of the user Redyoshi26 and only 9 years old, and as such, was revoked of his chat moderator rights and blocked forever.
    • Kyfur blocked and known to be a sockpuppet of CPPPerapin
    • People talk about CPPerapin and Kyfur
    • Revern comes in the chat on exactly SEPTEMBER 28, 2014
    • Vicyorus become…
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