Hey y'all!

It's been foooorrrevvver since I made a blog post here. I still stop in on the chat semi-frequently, but I figured it's about time I did a blog.

Let me pull you up to speed on what's happened since I decreased my wiki activity. I opened a new CPPS, Flippr (, which is entirely custom from Club Penguin. In May, we closed for major updates, and reopened in July. We just ended our fourth custom party (Ninja Party).

So all the time, I go on chat and get bombarded by questions. Relentlessly. So this is a one time deal where you can ask me ANYTHING, Flippr related or not. I'll post all the answers on this blog post (not as comments).

So ask away! SandorL (talk) 13:11, September 13, 2014 (UTC)

Accounts have never been removed due to updates, so you must be mistaken. What causes you to think they were deleted?
Our servers were probably down at the time. Keep an eye on our Twitter, @FlipprCPPS, for updates on such things.
Probably not, people abused it. And who knows what lies in the future :P
Why that'd spoiler the surprise :P
To signify my leaving here (for the most party)
I don't know why she would. There is a character SIMILAR to her, not her exactly.
Ask as many as you'd like.
Close but no cigar.
No, nor do I like them individually.
Not that I remember.
Yes! I play Brawl, and I'm a Zelda/Sheik main, but I can also hold my own on Falco or Lucas.
No, I am afraid of planes and heights.
Uhm pizza?
They aren't an arctic species, so no.
Yes! We are soon going to create a Twitter just for mascot meetup times.
To see my customs in action.
I wasn't rude to him, I stated my case in a professional manner, and if you had read it, you'd know that I provided forth all necessary evidence to prove Flippr was legal, so clearly you haven't. Also, I have never made a game about Saraapril, and she is NOT in the mission. Just someone very, very loosely based on her.
One, no. Two, heights. Three, see two questions up.
Eww no.
1) Heck yeah. 2) Probably either Magic or Silver (on Flippr). 3) Aw thanks.
Clearly yes.
1-3) Absolutely not. 4) They won't, we are legal under Fair Use for Education. 5) Probably Puffle Party play wise, Frozen Party asset wise.

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