Hello all,
This is long overdue. I've got a job now! I'm working at Atlantic Penguin as well! I've got so much more on my plate now-a-days, and I haven't been active on this wiki for a long, long time. So I'd like to announcement my official retirement.

I'd like to thank you all for all of the fun I had on this wiki. It was loads of good times, and I got more feedback on my customs then I ever would have imagined. As of September 25th, it will be one year since I posted my first custom to the world. And look where it got me, at one of the most popular CPPSes ever (and in CP Magazine by mistake). I'm so glad you guys rocketed that career.
But, before I leave, I just wanted to give you all a flashback for nostalgic effect. Here is my very first two customs, from my first blog. Ever.

New Ninja
Sandor Snow Dojo

So without further ado, I bid you ado.
SandorL (talk) 22:40, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

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