Yeah, that's right. As already found by Trainman1405 and Nene8888, next party isn't wild-themed. No Medieval Party, no expedition or Adventure Party - it will be a new (NOT TAKEOVER!!!!) PARTY!

It will contain SkatePark!!!

Here are some text dialogs from the party:

   The school is a TOTAL mess! Tidy it up and you’ll earn prizes!
   Whew! One room down.
   Grab a skateboard and helmet to pull crazy tricks on rails and ramps!
   Members can get skateboards here to do tricks.
   Heya! Tap the backpack icon to collect prizes. You earned ‘em, bud!
   WOW! Amazing trick. You’re gonna be a pro!
   Dodgeball time! Ready, set, throw!
   Oops! These things shouldn’t be here! Please pick ‘em up to keep me out of detention!
   Pick up your backpack and fill it with school supplies
   Clean up at the Pizza Shop
   Clean up the Skate Park

Credits to: Trainman1405 and Club Pengnguin Memories PHOTOS, INFORMATION AND OTHERS THANKS TO Trainman1405 AND CLUB PENGUIN MEMORIES

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