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Chapter 1: Apj in Space

Apj in Space.

Earth had no room anymore to keep up with the pace.

So, Apj floated off into space as he stuffed his face.

But just in case, he brought with him not one, but two cakes, for his own sake.

In space, he nom'd and nom'd on a cake. Eventually, he found himself in orbit with Makemake.

Apj was so big that he crashed right into Makemake after eating so much Cake.

His whole body surrounded Makemake, so he declared to rename it to Cakecake.

He nom'd on Cakecake, and nom'd.. And nom'd.. AND NOM'D.. AND NOM'D.. AND NOM'D!!!! AAAAAND NOM'D!!!!..

Apj felt weird. A feeling he has never felt before. Apj did not want anymore cake. He was... Full.

Chapter 2: Enter CustardTheWikiBird

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hey that's me

Custard was a fabulous lad, who would get mad after being sad wishing for something apj had.

Someday, he built a rocket ship, to go on a trip to see his fellow lad, Apj.

Many years later, all Custard could see was the color Black, no stars- Nothing.

He then sees a tiny bit of white.. It was large in mass- Had tons of Sass, it was.... Apj.

Custard landed right on Apj, when suddenly, somehow, he hears a large "NOM".

Custard looks up at Apj's beak (He cannot tell if that's a beak or not; for Apj is too big), nomming on some cake.

Custard loves cake too, but there is only one problem, Apj's is far too big for him.

As crumbs fall down from the sky, Custard runs off.

Chapter 3: Cakecake

10th Anniversary Party Cake

Apj was mad at Custard for getting him this cake

After Custard gifted Apj a cake, Apj threw it off, as it orbited around him.

Then, one day, Custard gifted Apj another cake, with the number "9" on it. Apj ate it.

Custard wondered why Apj wouldn't eat the "10" cake.. Until suddenly he realizes there are many new friends he could talk to.

He meets several members of the Cakecake community such as Watatsuki, Hey.youCP, Dps04, and many more. He then learns since Club Penguin's closure, Apj's penguin will never be 10 years old.

The End.

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