Heya' fellow wiki members! If any of you have discord accounts- i've got good news for you. I just started a Discord chat for the Club Penguin Wikia community.

Link (You must have a verified discord account)


  1. No swearing
  2. Do not link a video, picture, or download with a swear in it
  3. No disrespecting
  4. No hack related talk
  5. No spamming
  6. Do not ask for a rank
  7. Do not impersonate other users
  8. Do not be inappropriate
  9. Do not link videos, pictures, or downloads that are inappropriate
  10. Do not abuse the bot (or make it do any NSFW things)

Well, enjoy the chat if you happen to stop by!


  • The CPDChatBot (CPChatBots brother)
  • Voice chatting
  • Profile pictures
  • Roles (User rights system)
  • Seperate text channels (Seperate chatting areas for certain topics)
  • A Hidden Mickey! Can you find it?
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