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So, ever since February 28th, 2011, i've been owning and working by myself on a virtual world that has a small community nowadays, but is still memorable.

It is called "The Island", and it is very similar to Club Penguin, as it features pets, (Crabs, Goppers, Fishes), has parties every month, and even features several mascots!

Current Party

SU Logo

The Steven Universe Party is now here! Sept. 13th - Oct. 4th, 2016, help Steven find his friends!


I'd love a bigger community for it, so if you want, feel free to join today!

Next Party

  • Halloween Party 2016: October 4th - November 1st, 2016!


Have any suggestions? Leave it in the comments below, I listen more than Club Penguin does, trust me.


Have any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments below!

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