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    The Quotes of 2016

    December 21, 2016 by Sharkzrule88

    Presenting the quotes of 2016.

    "tbh if some kind of terrorist attack doesn't happen just before 2016 ends something is up" -TwinkieReborn-

    "if i had a choice between and a rock to be admin, id pick the rock" -Jeserator

    "btw apj do you remember your first cake?" -Penguin-Pal

    "PENGUINI-PAL I LUVVV YOU!" -Stickman, the Legendary Hero

    "SPOILERS: Cory kills everybody in the omniverse in just one punch, including Donald Trumplord, Donald Trump's god form." -Fire86743

    "nice eyebrows" -Superalvi100

    "Probably running to hide his stash of bikini calendars" -Hat Pop

    "Are you kidding me? Poop is one of the top infinity hippie words for admins" -Ember

    "Watatsuki is my father, brother, sister, and great-great granddaughter." -Shurow

    "get rave'd bro" -Seth4…

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