Hello wikians! The Halloween Party is less than a week away and I'm excited! I look forward to the Halloween Party every year, it's always been one of my favorites. This year I've been waiting for the party since May, mainly because the parties this summer bored me to death. :P

In spirit of Halloween I'm here to give you my list of Club Penguin's 5 greatest Halloween parties of all time!

5 - 2007

Starting with number five is the Halloween Party 2007. It was my first Halloween party and boy, it was incredible. This was the first Halloween party to introduce the Night Of The Living Sled and the candy scavenger hunt. It added some new decorations, such as turning the Cave into a pool of slime, turning the Forest into a creepy forest, and turning the hockey puck at the Ice Rink into a pumpkin. The Yellow Puffle could also be spotted at the Halloween party for the very first time. This was a Halloween party I will never forget. :)

4 - 2012

Next, at number 4 we move into the more recent years of Club Penguin. The main focus of the Halloween Party 2012 was the Haunted Mansion. Penguins geared up in their ghost catching gear and helped search for the 5 spooky keys. Once they found them, they would unlock the Ghost Goggles, and they would be able to find the Ghostamatron and transform into ghosts. It was a great and new adventure to the Club Penguin world. Along with the return of 2011's epic decorations, it was an incredible Halloween. :)

3 - 2013

At number 3, is the Halloween Party 2013. Every year Club Penguin always gave us spooky Halloween costumes and decorations, but this year, they brought us the candy! For the first time ever, we ever actually had a real trick-or-treating event. We could waddle all over the island, pick out some candy, and buy cool items. Club Penguin also revamped several of the decorations from 2011, and made them even spookier! The only thing that keeps this party from number one is the lack of decoration in several rooms.

2 - 2011

Number 2 on the list is the Halloween Party 2011! When it comes to best decorations, this party is number one! 32 rooms were decorated, not to mention there were 3 party rooms. It was my first Halloween party in 3 years, and it instantly became my second favorite. From watching Night of the Living Sled, searching for Gary, and searching for candy ghosts, I stayed busy pretty much the entire party. Not to mention Night of The Living Sled (Live) was released for the very first time. The Anniversary party also occurred at the same time, giving us a very Halloweenish party hat. To some it might be considered the greatest Halloween party of all time, to me, it will always be #2.

1 - 2008

And finally, the #1 Club Penguin Halloween party is...the Halloween Party 2008. Although it doesn't have as many spooky decorations as the 2011 party, it's not what happened during the party that makes it the greatest, it's what happened after. It was the first Halloween party to have Gary as a mascot, the first to have a party room, and the first to be darkened by a storm. This storm caused a lot of darkness at the Dojo. Every time the lightning flashed, a ninja shadow would appear. On the last day of the party, lightning struck the roof, and revealed the Dojo Courtyard. The Halloween party finally resolved the greatest Club Penguin mystery in history: Ninjas. After the party, ninja shadows could be seen all over the island, and continued the spookiness the Halloween party brought us. It's like Halloween lasted all November. Despite this the party also had pretty decent decoration, a scavenger hunt, and definitely gave me the Halloween spirit.

And that's my top 5! Remember, this is my opinion and it's ok to agree or disagree. What is your Top 5 Halloween parties? Also, be sure to check out my last Top 5 on Club Penguin Summers.

--Halloween Scarf ID 170 S h u r o w Spider Pin 03:05, October 18, 2014 (UTC)

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