Sir Jjoeyxx

aka Jjoeyxx, Charming And Cool Penguin Dude!

  • I live in A Homely Accommodation Near Monsters University! (Northern Ireland in real life)
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is playing with friends, looking after my puffles and rehearsing with my band!
  • I am Jjoeyxx, proud owner of Jackson, Hero, Barry, Yonkers, Franky, Smiley, Bronx, Knuckles, Razzmatazz, Tee, Bangles, Tallulah, Faith, Jelly and Sparkle!
  • Sir Jjoeyxx

    Guys, I looked at Pixie's blog with Gary's family photos. So I decided to go searching for my cousin Cadence's family photo. I successfully found one in her bag in the dance club. I asked her for permission and she let me post it here. It is a picture from 15 years ago. She was only 6 back then. She is 21 now. It shows her glamorous mother Madelyn, her younger sister Talia, her older brother Johnny, her smart dad Mike and herself Jennette! Her stage name is Cadence because it sounds better and it is her middle name. She looked so cute with blonde hair. But now it's so cool. She said she dyed it when she was 15. Her father sadly passed away in November 2008. I was sad when that happened too since he was my mum's brother-in-law. My auntie M…

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  • Sir Jjoeyxx

    Here's my second installment!

    'I ran inside my coziest of cottages, hung up my coat on the edge of the hanger and ran down the steps to the living area, where Fotty and Tra, my friends, were gathered round the blazing fireplace, playing some sort of ninja board game. I saw that they had been thoroughly thinking their next move, and it'd be inpertinent to disturb them from such a tense game. Luckily, I didn't have to. Pixie knocked on the door, and she came in on her own demand, hugging Fotty and Tra. They decided to go to sleep after a long night playing. I told them, "Guys, guess what!" They all asked, "What?" I said to them, "Sensei is back from a journey, but the ninja hideout collapsed!" They were shocked and sad at the same time. "But…

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  • Sir Jjoeyxx

    Dojo Story

    May 19, 2013 by Sir Jjoeyxx

    Hiya guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in ages, stupid bug stopped me from editing anything. Anyway, here's my new story that we will develop on CP! Remember, this is only the preview.

    'It was late at night, the ninjas had long gone from the place of training. I sat there, perched on a rock outside, staring into the dazzling star-filled sky, the moon shining brightly down on me. Clouds covered the moon's reflection, and after yielding the light in my hand, I lit the closest lantern with a flame of hope. The snow had towered over the Dojo, and a shadow emerged from the hideout. I was amazed to see the figure of Sensei before me. He spoke to me, with his wise words coming out as, "You must go home, grasshopper. The Dojo is crumbling. Leave me her…

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  • Sir Jjoeyxx

    Puffle Contest!

    April 10, 2013 by Sir Jjoeyxx

    I know, someone already did this. But who's to stop me from doing it too?!

    Choose one of the puffles above to eliminate, only one vote per person, per update. If a puffle has 3 votes to be eliminated, it will be out. Last puffle standing wins my contest! You may be familiar with some colours.

    No Spam

    • Contest has begun!
    • Creepy 3D Indigo puffle looks like it might be losing.
    • Nobody seems to understand - you must comment with the puffle you want to eliminate the most!
    • Creepy 3D Indigo Puffle is out. Xanadu is now losing.
    • Xanadu has received too many negative votes and is out.
    • Wooden Puffle is getting votes.
    • Wooden Puffle now eliminated. Pistachio in a bad position too.
    • Sorry for slow updates. I will update soon.
    • Pistachio is out.
    • Oops, I made a colour er…

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  • Sir Jjoeyxx

    Note: This is custom in MY point of view.

    • January - Prehistoric Party
    • February - Hollywood Party
    • March - Puffle Party
    • April - City Party (and Operation: Hot Sauce)
    • May - Medieval Party (and Operation: Break-In)
    • June - Adventure Party: Journey To Rockhopper Island (and Battle of Chima weekly event)
    • July - Water Party
    • August - Dance-a-thon
    • September - Fire Party
    • October - Halloween Party (with mini festival-of-flight theme)
    • November - Card-Jitsu Snow
    • December - Holiday Party (and small Mining Expedition)

    • January - Safari Party
    • February - Candy Celebration
    • March - Puffle Party (but Herbert attacks, puffles are stolen, and party is ruined. So it is a mission.)
    • April - Food Explosion
    • May - The Great Outdoors Party (similar to wilderness expedition and camp peng…

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