• Staffan15

    Ninjas in 2006!

    August 5, 2010 by Staffan15

    I found two ninja items in an old .swf file made in 2006!

    They were probably moderator-only items... what do you think?

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  • Staffan15

    Yay! The new Field-Op are released, along with an Elite Gear shop! Unlike regular missions, they are played in the online rooms of Club Penguin and are really short. However, they are released every week. Head to the EPF Command Room to find out what your mission is!

    When you complete a Field-Op, you'll earn a medal. You can exchange them with some cool clothing in the Elite Gear shop, which you can access by clicking the top left button of your EPF Spy Phone.

    Your orders: Disable Herbert's dangerous popcorn device "near a big letter S"!

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  • Staffan15
    The updates didn't just turn all servers into Safe Chat mode, they also caused complains and anger.

    However, small groups of penguins can be seen on the servers without Safe Chat, celebrating that they can talk.
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  • Staffan15

    Today, you can access the Everyday Phoning Facility if you are a secret agent! Just click your Spy Phone and take the 4 tests, and you'll be able to enter the EPF Command Room!

    You will also get access to the EPF Spy Phone, which has 6 buttons:

    • Teleport (teleports you almost anywhere)
    • Recruit (information about inviting someone to become an EPF Agent)
    • EPF Command Room (teleports you to the EPF Command Room).
    • 2 features that cannot be accessed yet, and are labeled "Coming Soon".
    • The Puffle Whistle (used to call Flare, can only be used by agents who have Herbert's Revenge for the DS and are members)

    There is also a new postcard that EPF agents can send to other penguins.

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  • Staffan15

    Nowadays, most of you know about the villain, Herbert P. Bear. Guess what? There are some clues in the newspaper that point out that he is in In Focus:

    • "Did you know it took more than 75 logs to build the Ski Lodge? That's enough wood for a campfire to last over one year! —Yeti penguin → Herbert likes to be warm, and he reminds of a yeti penguin...
    • "That's when a tall penguin in a yeti costume said, 'Bah! The only places I want to see are the warmest ones!'" → Herbert is pretty tall, and he wants Club Penguin to be warm.
    • "Warm food is much better than cold food. And plenty of hot sauce to your vegetarian pizza, and it will keep you warm and happy for hours. —Yeti penguin" → Herbert is vegetarian and is happy when he is warm.
    • "When you build a …
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