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One day at the Beach, Hot Dog Red sat on a beach chair until he saw a white penguin weeping next to the Lighthouse. Hot Dog Red walked over to her and asked here name. Trying to stop crying, the penguin said her name was "Lightel", the penguin continued weeping and saying "I FAILED LILITH", and Hot Dog Red grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Lightel then said "So what is your name". Hot Dog Red replied with "My name is simply Red". Lightel replied with a "Well, hello Red, what brings you here?". Hot Dog Red replied with "Summer beach day also, what is wrong your eye?". Lightel replied again with "Well, it is a crystal eye, my eye got cut open and they implanted a gem into my eye". Hot Dog Red replied again with "Wow, hey, wanna come to my house?", Lightel nodded and Hot Dog Red ran to the house. Mew said when Hot Dog Red "Wow, you have girlfriend?", Hot Dog Red replied with "No, this is my friend, Lightel". Lightel said "Hi!". Yoshi woke up and said "YO?!". Mew replied with "Hi, my name is Mew, also, what is wrong with your eye?". Lightel replied with "Please don't ask...". Mew looked at her weird device called the "Signal of Darkness 3000" and said "OH MY GOD! THERE IS A STRONG FORCE AT THE TWIN MOUNTAINS! EVERYONE! LET'S GO! To be continued

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