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  • StarryCats

    CP My favourite parties

    October 1, 2015 by StarryCats

    Hi everyone i know i haven't been recently but i decided to come back to pop in and share my favourite party from each month in honour of CP's 10th year


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  • StarryCats


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  • StarryCats

    Still no CP Movie?!

    March 9, 2014 by StarryCats

    There's been a moshi monsters movie and a lego movie(Everything is Awesome) (I know that's not a online thing) there might have another online based film somewhere but my point is

    It's 2014 and there's no CP MOVIE!?!?

    Cp have got close to cinema with a short in 2011 (BUT ONLY IN THE US!)

    I hope they will make a movie very soon or I might die(Jk)

    For now comment what you think the storyline could be if there was a upcoming movie and what ideal year to release it

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  • StarryCats

    What a year it's been and 2014 is just around the corner I mean literally less than 2 days OMG

    as a lot of you know 2013 was the year that takeovers toke over cp but I what I think not all of them were bad

    What Party Stand Out to you and What Party do you Want to forget??

    Comment your Opinions or take the poll And what new parties would you like to happen in 2014

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  • StarryCats

    CP Raffle Results

    November 29, 2013 by StarryCats

    heres a list of users that were included in the grand prize draw

    • Penguin44eve
    • Shurow
    • The Puffle Plant WINNER
    • 0 Berry
    • Fichulais85
    • Club Jjoeyxx
    • SandorL
    • Luxray1004
    • Green Ninja
    • Chriskin98 (backup account)
    • Orange Puffle (backup account)
    • Klutzy Click Click
    • Rriity
    • Dna360
    • AnonymousDuckLover

    • 1: Green Ninja (picked prize) 14 Day Membership (In 2 Codes)
    • 2: Marcart25Charizard (received prize)
    • 3: The Ultimate Guitar Master (received prize)
    • 4: Jnk9 (received prize)
    • 5: Cadence176761 (received prize)
    • 6: CROWcrow (picked prize) Director's Chair + a Treasure Book Item
    • 7: JWPengie (received prize)
    • GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The Puffle Planet (responded)
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