Hey everyone! Today, February 25th 2016, is my Third Wikiversary! I can't believe it's been three years since I joined. Can you believe it? I want to say thank you so much for these three years so far. You have all changed my life for the greater good. Let's take a trip down memory lane...


On February 25th, 2013, I joined the Club Penguin Wikia under the name, Rolie129. My first picture I uploaded that went to my profile page was an image of me getting my black belt in CP. After that, I remember one thing... Polo came onto chat, and he even signed my profile on April 8th!


On July 3rd, 2013, former admin/bureaucrat Wolf-gangs promoted me to a chat mod I was up sleepless every day for the next couple of months. I think he knew what he was doing when he promoted me. 28 days later I became a rollback.


I lost my rollback rights August 13th 2014 per the demotion policy and I was sad. Nothing else here

Troll Downfall

This is the only thing I'll put down for this section


Thanks for reading my story! Here's to another year of chat mod, or maybe even here's to a first year of admin!

MY MAIN IS THE ALMIGHTY SHADOW JAGO 00:48, February 26, 2016 (UTC)

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