Hello everyone! Techman here, bringing you the SPECIAL July 4th EDITION of the Club Penguin Updates! *fireworks explode* As always, Oozma Kappa is in first place in the Scare Games!

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 402!

CP Newspaper-402 1 CP Newspaper-402 2 CP Newspaper-402 3

That's it for this weeks updates! Tune in for next week, where we will see July 10th's updates! As always...

WADDLE ON and have a good July 4th!



While Penguin-Pal was going through the /exit/campaign part of , he found this photo! ExitCampaign

Now we have more info that Herbert will DEFINITELY be Darth Vader in the Star Wars Takeover!


I just found this on the website!



I just saw this on the CP blog. CP University blog post All I have to say is... great job CP and at the same time I say to myself, God damn it CP...

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