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  • ThatBlindMouse100

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  • ThatBlindMouse100

    I know how you can get real CP hair in real life! You can't purchase actual CP wigs, but you I can show you how they may look like on a human. Here you go!

    More to come later!

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  • ThatBlindMouse100

    JOIN MY LEMON CLAN ON CLUB PENGUIN!! So far we have....

    • Pixelchix4 (leader)
    • Turtleflames (now in Blue Clan)
    • Annabanana780
    • Mnkeby1
    • Hophop04
    • Peaches58545
    • Fairpink
    • Hamclub13
    • Blad200
    • Alexus2008
    • Lakersrock12
    • P196175589
    • KT53125
    • Nadroj123
    • Viktorr2012
    • Valeryr2011
    • Peaches58545
    • P194019227
    • MummaMia3
    • Jamespick (now in Blue Clan)
    • Clara31102
    • AmyBlue141 (now in Blue Clan)
    • Magnaguard2
    • CJSnow13May
    • JoJo5688
    • Kelser3
    • Max8891
    • Kelpington
    • SiennaHeaton
    • Minh828
    • Alexia3
    • Rockyroad56
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  • ThatBlindMouse100

    Greetings Penguins!! I know next year's hurricane names, so if you want to know, here they are.

    • Andrea
    • Barry
    • Chantal
    • Dorian
    • Erin
    • Fernand
    • Gabrielle
    • Humberto
    • Ingrid
    • Jerry
    • Karen
    • Lorenzo
    • Melissa
    • Nestor
    • Olga
    • Pablo
    • Rebekah
    • Sebastien
    • Tanya
    • Van
    • Wendy

    Please say which ones you like, which ones you don't like, and your other comments! And, if any went to Club Penguin, which ones would and why?

    PLUS I AM TAKING GRAPHIC ORDERS TOO SO IF YOU WANT A PENGUIN WITH THESE NAMES, JUST SAY SO IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! (Please also check out Celebrity Penguins and the Custom Graphics pages too.) Thank you very much!

    • Select a name above.
    • Mention what items you want the penguin to wear.
    • Your order should be here in no time!! :D
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  • ThatBlindMouse100

    Hurricane Herberto is a hurricane that is coming to CP and is expected to make landfall in the Iceberg on December 29, 2012.

    • The hurricane formed in 1995, making it the longest-lasting hurricane ever.
    • Herbert started to develop the hurricane in 1990 with a team pookies.
    • "Hurricane Herberto" is a pun on the existing "Hurricane Humberto," in 1995/2001/2007 and is expected to make a return in 2013.
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