Loading music... Welcome to another How to??? blog with your host, ThatYoshi8! Now, today's question is: "How do I strategically build up speed for 12 hours?". Now, as you all know, we need to go to Hazy Maze Cave and do it in 0.5x A presses, right? Well, I found an easier way!

Step 1: Go to a Mountain.
This is REALLY important. You need to find a slope-y area. And this should be the perfect place.

Step 2: Run in the same place on a slope. Warning: Be careful not to fall! You need to do this to strategically build up speed for 12 hours.

Step 3: Nothing. Just keep doing this. Do this for exactly 12 hours, of course. Once you have built up speed for 12 hours non-stop, you will ind yourself speeding into time and space, and you have found yourself in a parallel universe.

Step 4: Now what? To get back, make sure you are not QPU misaligned, otherwise, you will never get back home. If you were QPU misaligned, you must repeat Steps 1 and 2. But, Step 1 will be harder since the parallel universe is invisible. Hope this helped! =3

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