Oh yes, The Wii U. EVERYONE loves it. But hey, Mario Kart 8, hm. The 8th game on the MK series. Let me try it out.

*plays Mario Kart 8*

Hm, sucks. Lemme try another game.

*plays NSMBU, then Super Mario Maker, then... uhhh... hmmmmm... i got nothing*

Woah, those were absolute crap.

And so is the Wii U itself, I have a lesson for all of you before you start putting on your hate comments:

PEOPLE have opinions.

And you must respect it.

Anyway, The Wii U is total crap; ruining the entire Wii. It's games are crap (well except SSB4 but you get the point).

Even the 3DS is better than this god awful garbage. Okay, if you didn't read the lesson, then you must have no eyes or you must need eyeglasses.

The Wii U is just an "enhanced" version of the Wii, so why remove Wiinternet? Does it really matter if you need a Wii U? No! If you have a Wii, then that's what you have. Okay, I am tired to type so i am going to end it here. lol

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