Yes, we are back with the rants. This time, it's yearly.

It is released in a random time. Next year's rant is in April 21, 2017.

So, today our topic today, or should I say "this year", is Watatsuki.

Ahh, Watatsuki, you little weird noob, Ever since you were a chat mod, we all praised your work.

But now you're an admin...

Things got uglier. Your weirdness and evilness is putting us in danger! If you keep this up we will send the FBI to take you out into the most secure prison ever! We will call the Epic Walrus Force to hunt you down and take you Antarctica, where you will freeze!

Anyway, Don't you ever reply in this blog, Watatsuki. Yes, I am italicizing each time I type the word Watatsuki. Here, I did it again!

So, what's YOUR rant for Watatsuki? That's all from me, goodbye! Buy gold!

See you next year.

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