Pokémon Party 2013 is an party that was in August 23, 2013 to September 1, 2013 that was made when gary first discovered one pokemon species (one of them was Charmander). it was formerly known as Adventure party: the return of cursed volcano.

Description of party

gotta catch 'em at Pokémon world! (August 23, 2013-September 1, 2013)

gary needs our help at pokémon world, Members can transform into pokémon. non-members and members can catch 'em all.

Dress up as some pokémon or transform into actual pokémon.


I found an portal to strange world known as Pokémon world, so I opened it to everyone even non-members.

Herbert P. Bear and klutzy was sooo frustrated when EPF foiled their plan in Operation: hot sauce and decide to team up with team rocket.

so please catch 'em all to earn an Prize!

~ gary the gadget guy


It's Three mascot: Ash ketchum, gary the gadget guy, herbert p. bear

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