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  • I live in Alabama
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is Watching hentai and eating cup noodles
  • I am Did you just assume my gender?
  • The Jonie


    August 5, 2016 by The Jonie

    You know puffles, rite? I'll rant on them.

    Let's go.

    My god, we havent gotten a new color in 6 years. The puffles have had major attention. Alien puffles. Dinosaur puffles. Snowman puffles. Dog and Cat puffles. Wild puffles. (Megg Puffle Next?), All of that since 2014. Imagine that. 2 years. We havent had a color 3x those years.

    CP is running out of ideas. They can go Creamsicle, Honolulu blue, Powder blue, Blue and green puffle. They do creatures. CREATURES. No straight color puffle since 2011 (Gold isn't a straight color to me.), or around there. It's terrible.

    There are about 30 puffles in Club Penguin. Its sad, because the non-members have sinple puffles. Members have (drumroll).....terrible fancy puffles. Alien puffles! Anybody can come u…

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  • The Jonie

    what's up kids

    April 22, 2016 by The Jonie

    Hello 10-15 year old kids on this Wiki. How was your time without me

    Vote pink sheep he'll wool the world

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  • The Jonie

    Hello guys, today I have a message for you all. I"M QUITTING. Yes, I'm quitting. I feel like I don't even exist. Also, it is kinda unfair when it comes to rights, because there has been this user with 40 edits as chat mod right now. It' really sad, and everybody grows up. So for now, Dios.

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  • The Jonie

    Always wear a helmet.

    Sorry Jonie looks like he weighs 290 pounds.

    Sorry for the day delay too.

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  • The Jonie

    So laggy.

    I did this short because I had no time.

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