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The Official Club Penguin Wiki Newsletter
Issue #3: October 6, 2013

What lurks in there? Oh, it's the 3rd issue!


BOO! Hey there, wikians! What do you think this issue has install? Take a guess and maybe - just maybe you'll get it right. Guessed yet? NO?! Well, I'll tell you: all it's usually cool awesome stuff.


"If you had to pick EPF or PSA to have a ad in The Penguin Herald who would it be."

Most likely an ad for the EPF, since the PSA's defunct. But I still prefer the PSA.

"I keep thinking my edits are useful, but they actually turn out to be useless. What's wrong and how do I prevent stuff like this again?"
-T And J Kids

Well, wikis work that way. What you think it's useful, another user can think it's not and undo your work. I know this is frustrating, but my recommendation is to think what you're going to write, and think of it as something that will be read by someone, and taken up as a fact. Build articles with facts that can be proven, use references, don't do minor edits, that's for maintenance work. And if the problem persists, know that another user may be in your favor.

Club Penguin Updates

[[File:|100px|right]] The Medieval party ended and with it ended the over-population of those gigantic ogre-sized dragons. Man, those things were annoying!

Puffles are now able to eat on the go. At the Pizza Parlor your puffle can get a slice of pizza. It's even fresh.

The postcard catalog was updated with some cool "spooky" postcards. Let us know what is your favorite postcard, by the way - that would be awesome.

Interview — The Ultimate Guitar Master

So, why did you choose the name "The Ultimate Guitar Master"?
Because I have 3 guitars and I have been playing guitars since I was 5

What kind of guitar(s) do you play?
Acoustic and Electric

What's your favorite mascot?
Probably Rookie!

Pie or cake?

Did you like the Medieval Party?
Yes, the transformations were the best part of it.

Do you expect takeovers for the next year?
Yes I do, there were 2 in the past 2 years

Okay. Thank you for the interview, and have a nice day. Happy Emoticon 20px

Club Penguin Wiki Updates


Thank you!

Cool Emote

Thanks for reading this issue - now, if you want us to do anything - contact any of our staff members or post a comment. We really appreciate feedback and people reading our information - it is just for you guys. See you next time!

Upcoming Events
October 17: Halloween Party 2013 begins.
Current pin: Prank Fangs Pin.
Next pin on October 17.
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