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The Official Club Penguin Wiki Newsletter
Issue #4: October 21, 2013

Holy dooley! A vampire?! No, it's just another issue :P


OoOoOo. The bewitching hour is getting closer and closer. In this issue we'll talk about the Halloween Party, and some of its features. However, if you haven't met Rookie yet do that; then read the newspaper. (Kidding!) Seriously, read on.


"If you like pie, on the happy birthday template, does it still show cake, or does it change?"

Well, currently it only shows a birthday cake, but the template could be reworked to show a... "birthday pie"? :P

"How do I make prank pages?"

Well, usually it's a normal page, with a confusing name to prevent users from acutally noticing it's a prank page; and it's most likely located in a very obvious location, to lure users to click it.

Club Penguin Updates

Zombie Player Card

Our annual Halloween Party has begun with a lot of "spooky" transformations; Rookie sightings; and, the inevitable increased number of dentist appointments.

This year there are 3 different transformations: vampire, zombie and werewolf. These would be found by first collecting and then eating a special kind of candy from trick-or-treating. Firstly, Full-Moon fireballs will transform you into a wolf; fang fudgies allow you to sprout wings and become a vampire; and Zombie Zingers turn you into a zombie.

The parties catalog is full of even more costumes. They can only be bought with the parties currency, candy from trick-o-treating.

Night of the Living Sled is back on the Lighthouse! Nice to see it back, right? Make sure to check it out at the Lighthouse.

Interview — Mariocart25

Why the name?
I got it from Mario Kart Wii but I accidentally did a typo :3. I added the 25, because of my birthday.

Regarding the pie situation exposed by one of our contributors, what do you actually prefer? Pie or cake?

What do you think about the party?
It's fine, I like the trick or treating, lol. I even got my own candy from my igloo :3

Do you have a hobby? What is it?
Making Custom Penguins and Playing Club Penguin

What do you think is the best custom you have done?
This one, I drew half of it

Okay. Thank you for the interview, and have a nice day. Happy Emoticon 20px

Club Penguin Wiki Updates


Thank you!

Cool Emote

BOO! Surprised Emoticon 20px Did I scare you? No? Aah well, maybe next year, right? Thanks as always for reading this issue. We all appreciate your feedback and contacting us is a great way to keep in touch. Cya next time.

Upcoming Events
October 31: Halloween Party 2013 ends. (Oh the irony of it all).
Current pin: Tombstone Pin.
Next pin on October 31.
Tombstone Pin
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