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The Official Club Penguin Wiki Newsletter
Issue #5: November 6, 2013

Happy birthday!


Hi there, wikians! If you've been on Club Penguin recently you've probably seen all the cool stuff that is happening at the moment on Club Penguin: we've got mascots appearing left, right and center; a new yearbook; and one awesome party.


"Apj26, have you ever tried pie before?"
-Minecraft Creeper

I did, but I nearly died.

"Make me an adminerydude."
-0 Berry

Sure, I will promote you once that:

  1. I become a Bureaucrat.
  2. You fulfill all the requirements to become an admin.

Until then, work hard for it.

Club Penguin Updates


The Halloween party this year was pretty cool. Additionally, to make this party even more appealing there's a new anniversary party. The party is based in the Coffee Shop and is decorated with party hats and important parts of Club Penguin's history. Alongside this more notable change in appearance; the town center updated minor in comparison. How? To advertise the party in the form of a banner alongside the Coffee Shop's outside.

Along with meeting Rookie (the mascot of this party), the Anniversary party allows you to meet the directo-- I mean Aunt Arctic. Aunt Arctic will be waddling around whilst the Anniversary party is on. Although she doesn't have a new background, it's always nice to meet a mascot (naturally, if you haven't met her you should try to get her background add her, too!)

Interview — C H U N K Y

Isn't pie just the most incredible thing ever created?
No. Dude, everyone knows poo is the greatest thing ever.

Then isn't pie the second one?
Umm, no. Limes are. Laugh Emoticon 19px

But but but! Then isn't pie the third?
Umm... no. Yao Ugh, I am. Laugh Emoticon 19px And, before you ask, DO NOT ASK ME IF PIE IS FOURTH.

Then isn't pie fo– Oh. Then isn't pie fifth?
Dude, if you keep asking me, it will be last. >:D

Oh, oops. Anyways, why did you choose that name?
Well, before I made a CP account, I bought a puffle plush. It was a back puffle, and it looked a bit overweight, so I called it Chunky. Chunky was taken, so I named myself C H U N K Y. Laugh Emoticon 19px

Don't you think erasers taste good?
Um, not really. Lime flavour ones are nice. Laugh Emoticon 19px

y u no drink bananas
Because bananas make me feel sick. Sickface1

Why do you play Minecraft all day? It's as boring as eating cake.
Is it? No it's not. It is fun, you're only jealous, you can't afford it. Yao

Lolno. I once tried it and my processor almost exploded. Also, I had no idea what to do.
I play minecraft all day because, umm, it is creative, and the possibilities are endless. Unless you have a rubbish processor.

I take offence. Okay. Thank you for the interview, and have a nice day. Happy Emoticon 20px

Club Penguin Wiki Updates


End of another issue? Afraid so!

Sad Emoticon

As always thank you for reading The Penguin Herald. We'd like to thank you all for actually reading our writings and being part of the community. Tell your friends of this newsletter; we rock. In the meantime we'd like to know what parties you'd like to see next year and why. See you next time!

Upcoming Events
Nov. 6th

Nov. 14th

  • New Pin.
  • Golden Puffle Expedition.
  • Quest for the Golden Puffle returns.
  • November 2013 Furniture Catalog.
Current pin: Scissors Pin.
Next pin on November 16.
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