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The Official Club Penguin Wiki Newsletter
Issue #6: November 18, 2013



Hi there, wikians! Have you been digging for... puffles? Anyway; this issue is full of interest scoops of Penguin legends come true. Sounds cool, right? So read on!


"What is better, LEGO or Megabloks?"
-Green Ninja

Well, I've used LEGO all my life, so I would say LEGO.

"One Million Dollars or One Million Cookies?"

I think the million dollars. Wouldn't it be easier to use them to buy a million cookies? What do you think?

Club Penguin Updates


This issue gets the honor of writing about the newest puffle: The Golden Puffle! This furry little golden ball of cuteness is an expert miner and loves chocolate coins. You need to get your own puffle to grab a "special golden O-Berry." This allows said puffle to dig up to dig golden nuggets from the ground for you to collect (logging off or finding all 15 cancels out this function).

Once finding all 15, go over to the newly re-decorated Mine and down the staircase to the right. Here is the new room, the Gold Mine; this place is where you can get a gold puffle.

Keeping on the topic of Puffles, around the island notable puffles have disappeared for an unknown reason (or is there a reason? *cough* Herbert *cough*).

Interview — Apj26

Pie or cake?
This is hard... cake.

Cake is awesome, and pie is... just... bad.

What's your favorite color?
My favourite colour is red.

What is your favorite animal?
Sloth Emoticon_silly.png

What was that animal who said "moo" called? Was it dogs?

Oh, yeah, right, how could I forget. So, what is your favorite type of cake?

Okay. Thank you for the interview, and have a nice day. Happy Emoticon 20px

Club Penguin Wiki Updates


As you may have noticed, a few updates have been added to the wiki's chat. Those are the !pin command, a popup appearing the first time you enter the chat asking if you agree to the policy, and a new chat welcome message.

End of another issue? Afraid so!

All Puffles 2013 w Gold Tans

Thanks for reading this issue; we appreciate you taking your time to read it. As always feel free to comment down below and share your thoughts on this issue. Thanks, and happy... er... puffle hunting!

Upcoming Events
Current pin: Herbertech Logo Pin.
Next pin is on November 28th.
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