The Puffle Planet

aka Freddy Puffle

  • I live in Freddy Puffle's Pizzeria
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Killing the Security Guard
  • I am an Animatronic Puffle
  • The Puffle Planet

    Hi guys! I know my previous tribute was horrible with everyone hating that petition idea, getting confused, saying mean stuff about those blocked users and saying random things. This time the person is someone we really care about and it is... Twinkie102 (as you can see from the title)! If you didn't know he quit, he did! Twinkie was an amazing, awesome, fun, cool, funniest and epic CM! He banned and kicked many users from chat too. He had the best jokes and ideas in chat! He had many edits, funny blog posts, jokes and ideas! He visits the wiki once in a while. Twinkie, I hope you remember Club Penguin wiki forever. Goodbye Twinkie! We will miss you!

    Note: This was a tribute for Chris too but Chris came back so I removed the information abo…

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  • The Puffle Planet

    Most of you all know that CPPerapin and Kyfur are blocked because CPPerapin has 2 sockpuppets (Kyfur and Perapin). They were both great people. Kyfur used to be funny. CPPerapin was a responsible man and he mocked Tech before. Kyfur is now a guy who says hi to us. They are both gone. They were both great people. In the future, I will have another tribute for 4 users that will quit the wiki (one was been made for 2 people right now). You will get 4 tasks.

    1. Say something nice/mean about CPPerapin and Kyfur in the comments (Example: CPPerapin was a horrible friend and Kyfur was a great man).

    2. Say the stuff you always wanted to tell them in the comments (Example: Kyfur, are you a bot and CPPerapin, do you eat pears)?

    3. Change your profile pi…

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  • The Puffle Planet

    Hey guys! If you want to be on my friend page, (User:The Puffle Planet/Friends) you can. Just send me the image you want and I can put you on my friend page. If you are already on my friend page and you want a new image, just tell me on this blog post.


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  • The Puffle Planet

    I'm quitting this wiki for real this time. This is because of users who want to ban me in chat and the wiki (Perapin was the one who agreed on banning me). I'm banned on chat by JWPengie. It was the right thing to do. This is my last day of the wiki. You can still see me until midnight. Goodbye everybody. I'll miss you all. Take this stamp in memory of me:

    I will return one day I hope.

    EDIT: I will still be on the wiki. I will never quit. Reasons why I'm back:

    • Shouldn't really care about what Pear Pin says
    • I can't have a life without all of you guys
    • This is where the fun is
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  • The Puffle Planet

    When I was on chat, Kyfur was acting like a normal user but then Kyfur started saying information like:

    Mother - a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth

    Kyfur gave more information then he started being quiet. He also said:

    Kyfur is on a low battery. Automatically set to sleep mode.

    After that, Kyfur never said anything. The weird thing he said was:

    Bot: an autonomous program on a network (especially the Internet) which can interact with systems or users, especially one designed to behave like a player in some computer games.

    After all of this, Kyfur went back to normal but then he started saying information again! He said some information about some users on the wiki. Kyfur said something about himself too:

    Kyfur: …

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