The Ultimate Guitar Master

  • I live in USA (TX)
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Being The Ultimate Guitar Master
  • I am Male
  • The Ultimate Guitar Master
    Hello, Everyone. I just wanted to inform you that this wiki will not move and I just created the other wiki just for protection. Please stop making drama. Thanks.
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  • The Ultimate Guitar Master

    Today celebrates my first year on the wiki and I will tell the story of how I first started!

    When did it all start? It all started on January 1st 2013 when I went on Google to search Club Penguin to play on my account. Then I saw the link to the wiki and clicked it. I had started editing as an anonymous user for 4 months and I realized, "Hey, I should create an account instead of using a sucky anon account!" Then on April 23rd, 2013, I joined as Hotrod Doyle and had fun during the 2 months of that name going but then I got blocked on June 1st, 2013 and I felt very ashamed and I wanted to rename my account so people would forget my block. I got renamed to The Ultimate Guitar Master and then I began to make more friends! I felt that this wik…
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  • The Ultimate Guitar Master

    The winner is... Dum! Dum! Dum! Dun! Dun! Don! Don! Doon! Doon! Dun! Duuhn! Duhn! Dun! Dedultilitduutilityduh! Duhdutilitydutlityduhn... (This is a forever going drumroll so I will announce it now) THE WINNER IS JWPENGIE! CONGRATULATIONS!

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  • The Ultimate Guitar Master

    Hi guys! I just wanted to thanks these people for helping me around the wiki, being good friends, and show the best friend of the year award on another blog! Here are the people I want to thank here!

    Top 3

    • Penguin-Pal has been one of the most helpful admins on the wiki and always helps everyone!
    • JWPengie is an awesome friend to everyone and has made over 7,000 edits and was just promoted! Congratulations!
    • Twinkie102 is always making the best jokes and is an awesome friend!
    • These 3 are nominations for BFYA

    The List of Those I Wanna Thank

    • Green Ninja
    • Mariocart25
    • Kallie Jo
    • C H U N K Y
    • 0 Berry
    • Wolf-gangs
    • Shurow
    • Ocean6100
    • Jnk9
    • Techman129
    • Dps04
    • OrangePuffle
    • Jess0426
    • Phineas99
    • CPChatBot
    • Hey.youcp
    • Mixer2301
    • Roger6881
    • Jeserator
    • Sharkbate
    • Rhysw2002

    Please do not scream "WTH I …

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  • The Ultimate Guitar Master

    Hi guys! Today I will be making FREE Blue Talk Page Archives! So here is an example of mine!

    Pretty neat, huh? So if ya want one, just say so! Also, jsut tell me what photo you would like for it! And if you can't archive a talk page, just contact me and I can do it for ya! Waddle On!

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