I apologize, that in my last blog post, I was being a bit rude. I am here to settle this problem with pookies, here on this wiki, for the sake of all of the nice pookie lovers, out there in the world.

Just let me make one thing perfectly clear: if you don't like pookies, I completely respect your opinion. If you don't like them, I don't want to force you to be one. I understand that you may have some sort of bad history with them, and you just want them to disappear forever. However, the thing of it is, you can never completely erase pookies from Club Penguin. There will always be lovers of them, and nobody can change their opinion, except for themselves. All of these blog posts about the Anti-Pookie-Rebellion, all of these userboxes, saying how cool you are because you hate pookies, hasn't gotten rid of us in the past, and it never will. All it really does, is be pretty offensive, and unwelcome, to us pookie lovers.

Also, I understand that some of you have a back story with pookies, that makes you think that, in general, pookies are bad. But the thing is, I think that back story is pretty much holding you back, from the realization that there's much more nice pookies, than you think there are. I too, have had some bad experiences with pookies, and mumus, and all that stuff; but, I won't let a couple of bad apples ruin the entire bucket for me.

Another thing, I notice how you may also defend your case against us, by saying that pookies aren't cute. Not saying that you're wrong, but the thing is, we aren't wrong, either. They're all opinions. And it doesn't matter how stupid you think other people's opinions are, you just have to respect it, if you want to be friendly.

And lastly, I'd like to talk about the puffle abuse conspiracy. I've noticed people say how puffles are being ignored because the Pet Shop is filled with pookies. Well, the thing is, I understand that the Pet Shop was meant for puffles, but I can't change that pookies love to be adopted there. I love both puffles and pookies, so I can always enjoy them there. But if you are someone who never even wants to catch a glimpse of pookies, you can go to the servers that are less than 5 bars. Pookies never show up at bars less than 5, cause they can get more attention at the top servers. So, all of you puffle lovers/pookie haters can just go to a different server, and the puffles can be forever loved by everybody there, then everybody's happy.

So, that's why I don't see why people do this kind of thing. I hope you understand, and can maybe be a bit nicer to pookies on this Wiki. If there's still something you have a problem with, just message me, and we can make things work out. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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