• Tigernose

    November 3...

    November 3, 2010 by Tigernose

    Final Status: this is the new site.

    Time's up! We haven't moved in time, but at least we know we have everything we need. It's November 3 and Wikia have completely discontinued Monaco as a user option and we have to continue in this rather horrid skin. I have had trouble already finding my way through the website, it takes too long to load and I can't even find the button to delete a page! We need to get off fast, and by doing that we need to transfer content from here to the new wiki. Thankfully, we have tons of users to do that, but please join in and speed up this process.

    This page was meant to be an update in order for you guys to understand what has been happening recently. This blog post also has a status that I, or an admin, will regu…

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  • Tigernose

    Moving off Wikia

    October 2, 2010 by Tigernose

    Hello there.

    As you may have been aware, Wikia are drafting in a new skin and essentially a whole new upgrade to Wikia. The new upgrade will be called Wikia and all currently available skins such as Monaco (the currently used one) and Monobook will no longer be available for use.

    This new skin also comes along with a plethora of new features however we have found that they are counter-productive to our activities. The actual article content area is now only going to take up 40% of the screen. This is half of what Monaco gave to us, and this makes reading long articles way too hard.

    Secondly, the sidebar will be only limited to 4 menus and also a limited amount of sub-menus after that. All of our sidebar menus are needed and we cannot afford to …

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  • Tigernose

    3000 articles!

    August 31, 2010 by Tigernose

    That's right! We've got 3000! From the petty 600 we had just over a year ago, we now have 3000 articles - and we are covering most of Club Penguin's past, present and future!

    Extreme Rescue stamp joins Blue Football Helmet and Twelfth Fish Background as being the milestone 1000th articles in the count. It was LordMaster96 who created the article, and he joins Tigernose and of course himself again, for being the creators of the milestone articles.

    We want to thank EVERYONE for this amazing achievement. We are growing to soon become the biggest and complete Club Penguin database on the internet.

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  • Tigernose

    To-do list!

    August 11, 2010 by Tigernose

    A to-do list has been created! Because of the amount of tasks discussed in IRC that needed completing, we decided we need to make a to-do list to fit them all in! It's only been up for a couple of minutes, but everybody is interested in it and people are editing pages to make this a better place.

    Remember, this wiki is a team effort and we want to be the best thing to happen to penguins since CP! :P But seriously, we want to have as much information as possible, and hopefully this to-do list will help reach our goals of being the complete database for Club Penguin. Soon, you will be seeing tons of mainspace edits from users everywhere! We hope this will make more people edit mainspace and help this wiki!

    You can sign up for any task already …

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  • Tigernose

    Hey guys! It was a great day of team work for us today.

    Firstly, we decided that all infoboxes should be coloured different colours and we decided on colour combinations for each one and it looks really good. Furthermore, soon all infoboxes will be getting rounded borders, and the Puffle Infobox will have a different colour for each puffle! We want to thank Tigernose, Staffan15, ClubPenguinMaster, LordMaster96 and Hat Pop for this great team effort.

    Talking of team effort, the wiki is nearing the 3000 article count! It's funny to think only a couple of months ago we reached 2000 articles, and only half a year before that we had 600 articles! So if you do happen to make the 3000th article, get proof via a screenshot and tell an admin and we w…

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