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As you may have been aware, Wikia are drafting in a new skin and essentially a whole new upgrade to Wikia. The new upgrade will be called Wikia and all currently available skins such as Monaco (the currently used one) and Monobook will no longer be available for use.

This new skin also comes along with a plethora of new features however we have found that they are counter-productive to our activities. The actual article content area is now only going to take up 40% of the screen. This is half of what Monaco gave to us, and this makes reading long articles way too hard.

Secondly, the sidebar will be only limited to 4 menus and also a limited amount of sub-menus after that. All of our sidebar menus are needed and we cannot afford to lose them. We also cannot afford to lose the sitenotice.

Also, the skin we currently have - and have worked incredibly hard to make - will be lost, and we cannot do anything to come close to it as all alterations to the new skin via css are prohibited by the new Wikia terms of use. We feel this is taking control of our own wiki, away from us (please don't leave your smartypants comments saying "we don't own this wiki" because they are useless).

This also prevents us from removing the image attribution feature, which we feel takes the in-universe and encyclopedic feel away from the wiki.

Overall, many, if not all, changes with the new Wikia are counter-productive to us and we will definitely have to recreate how this wiki works (crucial means of communication like the sitenotice are being taken away) along with redesigning many articles because of layout issues, if this was to go through.

Therefore, after many IRC discussions, we have decided to move off Wikia. This means that we will be taking all content from this wiki and will be uploading it onto our new host, be it another wikifarm or a self-hosted server.

Our most popular choice is to self-host ourselves. This will give us more control over our own website than any other wikifarm, however it comes with a downside that we will need to pay for a server. We are looking into setting up a donation system to help raise funds in order to pay for this.

Our second choice is free, and that is ShoutWiki - another wiki farm. This wiki-farm has incredibly good-spirited and helpful staff and has become very popular thanks to wikis such as Darthipedia, moving there.

You may be worrying that you will lose all your userpage stuff. Luckily, all pages including userpages, and their histories, will be imported. The only thing left to do is to create an account on the new server or wikifarm, which will only take a tick - just make sure to use the same account name if you want to keep your userpage.

You also may be wondering how this will all work. Unfortunately, we cannot shut down the old wiki - which will still remain on Wikia. We are looking into ways to remove content from the old wiki, but if we can't: we'll do what Darthipedia did and we will simply clear out the main page and link to the new site. Our only concern is what some users may do with the old site and we don't want it to be ruining our chances of the new site gaining traffic.

That is all, and happy editing for the meantime.


As many people are still asking questions, I hope this FAQ will clear things out.

Where is the new site?

What will happen to Fanon and Un Club Penguin Wiki?

As part of the Penguin wiki family, they are going to move into our server as and . will redirect to the main CPW but will also trigger a message telling any new readers to visit the other fiction wikis!

Why wasn't there a poll?

We have no choice, I'm afraid. This skin has removed our liberty, and we cannot work at this wiki like we used to, because key features essential to this wiki are being removed. Such things like the sitenotice and sidebar will be removed or limited and we cannot work this way.

When are we moving?

There is no "release date" yet. It won't be moved tomorrow. There are many steps to it, and the first step is to import all articles. This means that you don't need to add anything to the new wiki, everything will be added very soon - but we are having slight problems with importing. Then, we will need to get everyone on the new wiki, and we will need to customise the skin and messages to make sure it's as close to the old wiki as possible. We will then have the grand opening.

Novemeber 3 will be the day when Monaco will be discontinued. We are aiming to fully open the new wiki between October 20 (release of the new skin) and November 3. We will keep you posted with updates.

Will I lose my userpage?

No, you userpage will stay. All you need to do is create an account with the same username as before.

But I want to change my username. Can I?

Yes, however first you will need to make an account with the same username as before. From then, we can change your username with a tool. We are planning to make a username change request page where you list your current and desired name. This will ensure you will have your desired new username, and to prevent sockpuppets. However, only request if it is counter-productive to carry on with your name. Users like Hahahahahahaha aren't dealing very well with amount of "HAs" in their username!

If I change my username, will I keep my userpage?


Will I lose my contributions and editcount?

Your contributions will remain!

What will happen to page histories?

They will remain.

Is this Wikipedia?

No, but it looks like it because we are using the same skin. The new site is NOT on Wikipedia.

Will other languages come as well?

All other language wikis of the Club Penguin Wiki will be situated under their language subdomain (e.g. for Deutsch)!

Will we keep the Shoutbox?

Unfortunately not. Only Monaco had widgets such as the Shoutbox, and Wikia will be discontinuing it. This also means we cannot use it for our self-hosting site. Either way, we can't get Shoutbox. We would have definitely kept it and other widgets if this didn't happen.

Will images be there?

Yes. We are importing all images to the new wiki.

Megaphone Icon This is a Club Penguin Wiki announcement, relating to the wiki itself, not Club Penguin. Post Date: 23:58, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

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