Final Status: this is the new site.

Time's up! We haven't moved in time, but at least we know we have everything we need. It's November 3 and Wikia have completely discontinued Monaco as a user option and we have to continue in this rather horrid skin. I have had trouble already finding my way through the website, it takes too long to load and I can't even find the button to delete a page! We need to get off fast, and by doing that we need to transfer content from here to the new wiki. Thankfully, we have tons of users to do that, but please join in and speed up this process.

This page was meant to be an update in order for you guys to understand what has been happening recently. This blog post also has a status that I, or an admin, will regularly update. If you want to learn more about the overall move, please click here.

Although Wikia have listened to a few responses and have addressed them (they mended most infoboxes), the core of the new Wikia look stays the same and it's simply impossible to continue here without losing a ton of functionality and accessibility.

Most likely, the four images below are the only way you're going to ever see our magnificent website in Monaco agian. Wonderfully custom clad in Monaco, we enjoyed our time here at Wikia. I've took a full web page screenshot of a few elements of the wiki, the main page (it's horrible now), my userpage (it's all squashed and ugly now), the sidebars (I could actually find where essential user links are, now I can't neither on this wiki or on the new one -_-) and one of our longest articles Rockhopper (the miniscule article space, mixed with a huge empty, blank, plain, white space next to it is now what remains). Below these pictures, I have uploaded the Wikia equivalent.

Note: the Rockhopper article image is so large that it hasn't successfully processed a thumbnail on either version of the article image. Please click on the thumbnail, and then on the image itself on the image page, to view the image on its URL.

Club Penguin Wiki on Monaco

Old CPW main page.png
Old Rockhopper.png
Old userpage.png
Old sidebar menus.png

Club Penguin Wiki on Wikia

New main page.png
New Rockhopper.png
New userpage.png
New sidebar menus.png


This is a status of the current condition of the wiki move. The last item on the list is the most recent!

  • Seahorse registered the domain and got free hosting from 000webhost
  • Importing content started.
  • The admins looked into another host. Seahorse then considered hosting off a server of his, however this was found to be too tricky.
  • Thanks to a great Halloween deal from Dreamhost, we have bought hosting from Dreamhost. Finally the website is all up and running now, and it's open to imports. (October 30 2010)
  • Many connection problems to the site are occurring from an array of users, and we've just found a problem with URL conflicts not loading many pages. Because we are still in our 2 week free trial, we are considering to cancel our hosting from Dreamhost unless the problems die down after importing. This also means we need to finish importing even quicker! (November 3 2010)


I'd also like to confirm that donations have closed! Only two people donated; an anonymous donation and a donation from the amazing ZoneKill of Fanon! I thank both donators very much, and I'd like to say that ZoneKill is going to get on our wall of fame for his wonderful contribution to both this wiki family and to the move of this wiki family! Again, thank you to you both!

--Tigernose Tigernose.png TalkContribs 18:25, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Megaphone Icon.png This is a Club Penguin Wiki announcement, relating to the wiki itself, not Club Penguin. Post Date: 18:25, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

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