• TurtleShroom

    Way to go, you abolished the Webmasters. Every time I come here, I regret my move more and more and more.

    • First, you ruin the templates with unimaginative glyphs.
    • Then, you flood the place with spam userboxes. WE DON'T CARE IF THIS USER USES PAINT OR GIMP, IT'S SPAM!
    • Then, clothing articles. SPAM! SPAM SPAM!
    • Then, this.

    To whoever is leading these radical reqrites: YOU FOOLS! Go ahead and tear down everything else! I am ashamed. I come here every now and then for various reasons, normally because the CPFW needs a link or a picture to edit. Each time, the site is worse and changed further.

    I predict that this site will be unrecognizable by 2010, and that the Archives will be killed by October of next year.

    "User rights are not ranks."

    In my opinion,…

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