Guys! I just found out this awesome glitch that a penguin named Slandbland showed me... it's what I call the Air Guitar Glitch!

Make sure you have a membership before proceeding

  1. Step one: Go to the Ghost Lab.
  2. Step two: Remove all items excluding items that let you do a special dance.
  3. Step three: Step into the Ghostamatron.
  4. Step four: Begin dancing before you become a ghost.
  5. You should be doing the special dance without the item(s) and gliding while moving.
  6. If you transform back into a penguin, a possible after effect is that your penguin may get all glitchy and still glide.

UPDATE: This works with all special dances!


Comment below with links to your pictures and I'll upload them!

What do you think about this glitch? Post below!

[Oh and I heard Happy65 quit and Billybob left. :(]

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