Do you need a template? Do you know how? If you don't you came to the right place, cause CPW:T-T is always there to help you!.

The Club Penguin Wiki : Template Team! Firework the red puffle is our Mascot. Happy65 is our Leader, he introduces T-T in 24 March 2012......Along with 155cyndaquil, the Vice-Leader. Dps04 is also on the team alongside with Penguin-Pal, they are the staff. Also, there would be a Temp member in the Team, who is currently me, SulthanA.

The Template Team makes templates for you. You just need to request for a template in the New Requests section and It will be made and the template will be put in the Completed Requests section. To request a template, click here. You could ask our Mascot, Firework too, by clicking here.

That's it, you could always count to us. Farewell!
SulthanA (Talk), temporary staff of CPW:T 13:35, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

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