Hey, Guys! Heres some Frog-Place news! *Ahem*

Frog Place game will be released in Febuary with these following rooms;


Main Room is the "main room" of Frog Place. In the room, you can go to Insect Resturant or Clothes Shop

The Insect Resturant is a room in Frog Place. You can buy insects to eat there. They have no effect on you, but in your Achivements page, it says how many you have eaten. You can also buy an Insect (item), and hold it in your hand.

The Clothes Shop is a room in Frog Place. Red the Store Manager works here.

The Disco Cove will be the frog place dance club. It will be released after the beta party. The disco cove has a disco ball at the top and there will also be space where you can dance on the floor. It's a bit unusual, since theres a disco in a beach.

The Swamp room is going to be one of the rooms that will have a sub division of a the Disco Cove and will link to the Main Room. Next to it will be...

A Lilypad is a Frog's home. You can go to other frog's lilypads, or yours. On your lilypad, you can have a house, or just live outside.

So now you know the rooms. Now, get to know tthe founders;

Founders: WikiaFrog, Fatewate, Rhysw2002, Leader of CP Parties!, Epicface43

And heres the mascots


Ned and Seymore, adventureres

Dog, The guy who wants to conquer FP

and Super Miron, a superhero.

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