I'm making a Penguin Chat 3 remake game! I know what your thinking, so lemme awnser some FAQ's, or as i like to call them, FSD's (Frequently Said Denials) .

D. YOU CAN'T DO THAT A. Yes, I can

D. I Bet it will just last a day A. Actually, im planning on making it a year

Ok, so lets move on to the rooms. Here are some of them: Snow Room (Main Room) Blank Room Igloo Town (hidden) Coffee Shop Night Club Snow Forts Construction Room (hidden) Tallest Mountain (hidden)

Ok, now for the items Beta Hat (would be a rare item for beta testing party, won't be availible after 3 days) 'nuff said. BYE! Oh yeah, MODS NEEDED!

UPDATE: The game is not a pc3 remake anymore, its a virtual world: FROG PLACE!
640px-Frog place logo

Btw, the guy that wanted to be herbert, there will be a new villain in this, A BULLFROG NAMED DOG!

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