A frog named Frog was the nicest frog in the world. He had a great life, a great wife, a great job, and children. Everyone loved him.

Except this one guy.

A toad named Toad. Toad hated Frog with a burning fury.

Frog had a car. That car could talk. That very car, named Bessie, was Frog's best friend. Nobody, except Frog, knew Bessie could talk. At least that's what he thought.

One night, Frog was talking to Bessie alone at night. Toad was eavesdropping with his best friend, Crock, and saw them talking. They had an idea.

The next day, Frog went to work in Bessie. Toad followed him. When Frog went inside his building, Toad went into Bessie the car, while Crock watched, and drove away. But Bessie didn't let that happen. She threw Toad out of the car, out into the road, and ran over him, killing him. "It got Toad! It got Toad!" Crock said repeatedly.

A man in a tow truck saw this happen and he took the car to a junkyard, where it was destroyed. Frog came out of the building, hearing something going on outside and wanting to check it out. He noticed his car was missing. He went over to Crock and said

"Hey, what happened to my car?"

Crock said, "It got Toad!"

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