Hi everyone,

For the new users, I'm Wolf-gangs a former administrator and bureaucrat in this wiki. I'd like to point out about few wiki matters that the administration and the community must deal with.


I believe that the policy needs some clean-up and some pages must be merged together or removed.

  1. The demotion policy must be either abolished or made less strict. The wiki activity is no longer like before, so constantly demoting and promoting won't benefit the wiki. Unlike before, users are not expected to appear every day, as even the number of pages to clean and vandalism rate is lower than before.
  2. The Admin Veto and Admin Authority Policies must be merged together, as they are somehow related to each other.
  3. "User page edit count percentage of 40% or higher, your user page and any subpages under it will be protected indefinitely until the percentage goes below 40% again. Userpages can only be locked when the user has 100 edits or more." This must be removed as I don't think that this point is quite suitable for the current wiki situation.

There are several parts of the policy that must be rewritten to satisfy the current users, as many points apply to the Golden Times of the wiki NOT now.

Blocks and bans durations

Several administrators tend to block/ban users with any random duration without taking into consideration the different cases around and some are not able to pass a suitable judgment for that particular user.

To the admins: Please don't block/ban directly for any matter, even if the policy says so! Be wise and deal with the situation in a way.


This section might end up getting me blocked, but anyway, the CPWN and Wikia must somehow merge together. In the past, CP community was quite big and having two wikis was kind of competition. But now, the CP community is relatively smaller than before and both wikis were affected by this decline in CP users. There are few users who even use our wiki as resources including bloggers as some decided to quit blogging (including Monchocho). The two wikis must consider merging as it is pointless to have two wikis. The administration of the two sides must have some meetings with each other discussing about the future of the two wikis.

--FlagBahrain.svgWolf-gangs (Talk) 18:33, June 28, 2015 (UTC)

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