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Keep my old stuff here. :)
{{Jackninja5 Contents}}
{{Jackninja5 Contents}}
{{Jackninja5 Talk}}
{{Jackninja5 Talk}}
Just so you know, you can't link inappropriate websites or youtube.
[[User_Talk:WikiaMaster123|WM, Yo.]] 13:52, February 21, 2014 (UTC)
Drybones wants you in chat.
[[User:Fire86743|o==[]::::::::::::::::> It's my sword. Like it?]] 23:22, February 2, 2017 (UTC)
==CPCC 2013==
{{CPCC 2013 MSG}}
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 12:22, June 7, 2013 (UTC)
I'm 2 years late in responding my friend, but... I don't even know if you're active or not anymore.
Hi Jack,<br />
What, can't i send a friendly greeting to my friends in thsi wiki? :P I haven't made a prize yet. I have a few options for a prize, thought it's a secret :P shh!!!<br />
P.S. i gave my message a title though it's squeezed due to your archive sorting. I fixed it, if you don't mind.<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 06:35, June 8, 2013 (UTC)
Your Friend ¬.¬ 17:56, April 22, 2018 (UTC)
==top trumps request==
jackninja request.png|meepers
hope you like it!
HI! I wanted to tell you about the thread WHAAAAAT? or whatever it's called. I would've shut it down, but, honestly, I have no idea how. XD
hey jack
just a message from helmetpig2013 (id like to be called helmet) asking how do you make a link to your talk by writing a message
oh BTW I'm a T&F fan as well (I enjoy seasons 1-6) let us remember thomas when it was good and when the 8 famous engines were thomas,edward,henry,gordon,james,percy,toby,and Montague (but he's usually called Duck)
'''[[User:Mariocart25Charizard|<span style="color: #FF8800;">M</span><span style="color: #black;">a</span><span style="color: #FF8800;">r</span><span style="color: #black;">i</span><span style="color: #FF8800;">o</span><span style="color: #black;">c</span><span style="color: #FF8800;">a</span><span style="color: #black;">r</span><span style="color: #FF8800;">t</span><span style="color: #black;">2</span><span style="color: #FF8800;">5</span>]]''' [[File:Puffle Jack-O-Lantern.PNG|x25px|link=User talk:Mariocart25Charizard]] 00:17, October 12, 2013 (UTC)
==Merry Christmas==
Merry Christmas to you!
[[File:Samantas-merry xmas.jpg|500px]]
==Happy Holidays!==
Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, '''HAPPY HOLIDAYS!''' :)<br>
[[File:Christmas2013postcarddps04.png|500px]]<br>--[[File:Rowboat Pin.PNG|x25px]][[User:Dps04|Dps04]]<sup>[[User talk:Dps04|talk]]</sup> 04:57, December 23, 2013 (UTC)
== Merry Christmas from JWPengie ==
{{User:JWPengie/sign/Holiday 2}} 12:10, December 24, 2013 (UTC)
==Happy Holidays from Phineas99!==
Hey there! I have made a gift for you, happy holidays! :D
[[File:Gingerbread_Man_Pin.PNG|25px]] [[User:Historicalcp|<span style="color: Red">'''Phineas99;''' </span>]] [[User talk:Historicalcp|<span style="color: Green"> '''Jingle Bells!''' </span>]] [[User Blog: Historicalcp|<span style="color: Red"> '''Jingle Bells!''' </span>]] [[Special:Contributions/Historicalcp|<span style="color: Green"> '''Jingle all the way!''' </span>]] [[File:Christmas_Bells.PNG|25px]] '''December 24, 2013'''
Hi Jack,<br />
It seems like you haven't been active for nearly 3 weeks. If there's a reason for your inactivity, please inform me within 48 hours. Now, according to the demotion policy, users with patroller/rollback rights get demoted for inactivity of 2 weeks. I understand that you've been having some technical issues quite recently and you were inactive for them previously. If you don't reply within the time limit that i gave you i'm afraid that i'll have to demote you anyway. If your inactivity was for further technical issues, and they were only fixed to you a short while after this possible demotion, please contact me and mention it.<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 18:12, February 2, 2014 (UTC)
Hi Jack,<br />
You've proved that you're an active user that does his work well. When you're certain that your internet connection will be good and stable, please let me know, and i'm sure there will be no problem in making you a patroller again.<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 12:46, February 8, 2014 (UTC)
==:D Welcome Back!==
Hi Jack,<br />
It's great to have you back! You're just on time for the fair (as you may see by the wiki's decoration :P pretty good right? Kallie designed it).<br />
Anyway, it's great to see you around!<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 09:42, February 20, 2014 (UTC)
Hi Jack,<br />
Please provide me the bot's username, and say why you'd like to run a bot (please include an example for a task that you wanted to use a bot for).<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 13:19, February 23, 2014 (UTC)
==RE:Bot Link==
Hi Jack,<br />
All right, [[Special:Contributions/Ninja5Bot|Ninja5Bot]] is now flagged as a bot.<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 13:45, February 23, 2014 (UTC)
You suck!
[[User:Ninja5Bot|I am the bot of Jackninja5 the Man who Invented Cool!]] ([[User talk:Ninja5Bot|talk]]) 14:46, February 23, 2014 (UTC)
Hey there Jack,<br>
I can see that you last edited on March 7 (just about 2 weeks ago). Please try to be more active outside of chat. Thanks! :)
[[User:Kallie Jo|<font color="darkgreen">Kallie Jo</font>]] [[User talk:Kallie Jo|<font color="00CC66">(talk)</font>]] 18:46, March 20, 2014 (UTC)
[[User:CPPerapin|~Perapin :)]] ([[User talk:CPPerapin|talk]]) 08:07, March 29, 2014 (UTC)
What rule was I breaking? Use chat logs for proof.
[[User:CPPerapin|~Perapin :)]] ([[User talk:CPPerapin|talk]]) 08:11, March 29, 2014 (UTC)
==RE: Warning==
I wasn't insulting. By the way, you are intelligent, so you should know better than desiring to ban me for a reason not complying with the chat policy.
[[User:CPPerapin|~Perapin :)]] ([[User talk:CPPerapin|talk]]) 08:18, March 29, 2014 (UTC)
"You are welcome to go jump in the river"
I was talking light heartedly, not insultingly.
[[User:CPPerapin|~Perapin :)]] ([[User talk:CPPerapin|talk]]) 08:28, March 29, 2014 (UTC)
==Tell Penguin-Pal to check his talk page==
Particularly the essay! It shouldn't be hard to notice! Thanks :)
[[User:CPPerapin|~Perapin :)]] ([[User talk:CPPerapin|talk]]) 09:56, March 29, 2014 (UTC)
==Did you read the essay? What do you think?==
By the way, can you tell Penguin-Pal to read it and reply to me on my talk-page? I am an impatient person you know. By the way thanks for being friendly! I respect your personality, reminds me of me back in my day.
[[User:CPPerapin|~Perapin :)]] ([[User talk:CPPerapin|talk]]) 10:01, March 29, 2014 (UTC)
==Not made up==
The 'Galactic Hoodie' is not made up, it is in the new [[Penguin Style]] catalog.
==Re: Hello==
Indeed. Good to see you on. :)
--{{User:Hey.youcp/sign}} 02:14, April 4, 2014 (UTC)
==Edit Rampage==
Hey, Jack. I think you should calm down on the edits for now. I'm not so sure about removing that information from the trivia section on so many pages, considering how many pages have info in the trivia similar to the info you are removing. I've already had to protect an article due to excessive edit warring, so you should stop for now. If you have anything you'd like to discuss with a user who does not agree with you, you can do so on the article's talk page or the user's talk page rather than the summary of your undo edit. You can also ask on the [[Club Penguin Wiki:Vote Page|Vote Page]] if other users are in favor of what you are doing.
Thanks and see you later,
--{{User:Hey.youcp/sign}} 05:50, April 4, 2014 (UTC)
:All right. You may add my username for the confirmation.
:--{{User:Hey.youcp/sign}} 05:56, April 4, 2014 (UTC)
==Hi Jackninja5==
--'''[[User:Kyfur|<span style="color: #A6A6FF;">Kyfur</span>]]''' [[File:New Emote.png|25px]] <span style="color: #0066FF">([[User_talk:Kyfur|<span style="color: #0066FF">talk</span>]])</span> 06:29, April 5, 2014 (UTC)
Hi Jack,<br />
Cool! :D How was the movie? (i heard it was a one big ad :P). Anyway, the table is now fixed.<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 04:27, April 13, 2014 (UTC)
==Re: Hey==
All right, I've blocked him. Thanks for letting me know.
Have a good day,
--{{User:Hey.youcp/sign}} 02:57, April 14, 2014 (UTC)
==Good job==
Hey Jack. I just wanted to say good job on catching that vandal/sockpuppet/whatever earlier :P
Also, I ''love'' the talk page music. ''<big><font face="trebuchet ms">[[User:Cp kid|<span style="color:red">C</span><span style="color:blue">K</span>]][[User talk:Cp kid|<span style="color:black"> Need help?</span>]]</font></big>'' 03:10, April 14, 2014 (UTC)
Hi Jack,<br />
Thanks for your report about [[Special:Contributions/Funnysheep12|Funnysheep12]]. Fortunetely, Hey.you made sure to block him.<br />
[[user:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #0e92cf;">Penguin-Pal</span>]] [[user talk:Penguin-Pal|<span style="color: #2e47aa;">(talk)</span>]] 10:37, April 14, 2014 (UTC)
==Meet me on the IRC==
No excuses: http://clubpenguin.wikia.com/wiki/Club_Penguin_Wiki:IRC
'''[[User:CPPerapin|<span style="color: #00C2FF">~ Perapin</span>]]''' [[File:GreenModeratorBadge.png|25px]] <span style="color: #0066FF">[[User_talk:CPPerapin|<span style="color: #6666FF">(Contact)</span>]]</span> 08:07, April 19, 2014 (UTC)
==A reformed wikia, a community wikia, a Club Penguin Wikia==
'''[[User:CPPerapin|<span style="color: #00C2FF">~ Perapin</span>]]''' [[File:GreenModeratorBadge.png|25px]] <span style="color: #0066FF">[[User_talk:CPPerapin|<span style="color: #6666FF">(Contact)</span>]]</span> 03:28, April 20, 2014 (UTC)
==Thank you!==
Hello Jackninja5!
Thank you! I look forward to talking to you and the other members of the community again.
'''--[[User:Ocean6100|Ocean6100]] ([[User talk:Ocean6100|talk]]) 03:45, April 20, 2014 (UTC)'''

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Keep my old stuff here. :) Gone for good...


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Drybones wants you in chat.

o==[]::::::::::::::::> It's my sword. Like it? 23:22, February 2, 2017 (UTC)


I'm 2 years late in responding my friend, but... I don't even know if you're active or not anymore.

Your Friend ¬.¬ 17:56, April 22, 2018 (UTC)

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