Thank you!

Hey there Lava! I am very happy right now because of YOU! Yoh seem to like my playercards very much! You should check out my new Gary playercard i made! Here it is:

Do you like it?

RE: Thank You!

That is even better than the last one, it should be Gary's new player card, bro.

Try making me as a costum. Here's my penguin:
Floydean1 hot sauce army dragon


RE:RE:Thank you!

I'll try as much as i can!!

Custom Playercards

Heya well how i make my playercards is i go to fotoflexer its a site its pretty cool! Then if im making a mascot ex: Cadence i would get a cadence cutout then get a background for it and some extras to it then i add in the mascot base and how do i get the stuff? well i go to clubpenguincutouts.con and i right click an item or mascot i want and click "Save image as.." and then i just click save and then its in your downloads folder! Hope i helped :D

Glad to help!

Awesome new playercard! One thing just dont make the playercards so big make them the size i did but other then that.. Awesome!!

Im so sorry

Heya Lava! Im so sorry to say i cant make your custom penguin :( I cant seem to find your body item :( could you like me to make you one but with different clothes?

Userpage with the [[]]'s

Put [[User:Lava1789|Hi!]]

To get Hi!

Igloo Contest

Igloo Icon July 26, 2012 Dear User!

You're invited to a Igloo Contest! No matter if you're a non-member or member, you can enter! The link is here!

Blastoise animated sprite 20:01, August 17, 2013 (UTC)


Create a page called

User:Lava1789/title here

It MUST say


or else it won't be a subpage.

If you would like to make a subpage to your subpage, just put in another slant.

Such as:

User:Lava1789/title here/title here

Hope i helped!

Pumpkin Pin JWPengie is ready for the Halloween Party! PumpkinHead 22:30, October 3, 2013 (UTC)


-Lava P. Bear


Hi, here's the code you wanted:

<td>replace this text with your picture 
<td>{{Speech bubble 
|content= replace this with waht you wanna say 

Leaf Pin Dino JW! Talk! Blog! Contribs! Editcount! Clothing Icons 7142 20:39, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

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