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Season's Greetings from Dps04

Dps04 wishes you Happy Holidays!
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well basically, for this wikis purpose, an item is "unreleased" if it exists (or existed I guess) in the game data, but not was not made available legitimately (see: Category:Never released), and in artwork, it was not uncommon to see penguins with clothing that was never any sort of actual item (like the pink apron), such as the iconic penguin thats jumping and wearing Mickey Mouse ears

removing the pink apron bit was sort of an accident on my part (sorry), although in the case of the "blacksmith" apron, I think thats just meant to be a darker shade of red, as items portrayed in artwork often had inconsistent coloring, especially throughout the years, as club penguin had many different artists

although back to the pink apron being a "potential item", it seems kind of like baseless speculation to me since there isnt much evidence that it was planned to be an item besides being drawn on a penguin (and again, there have been plenty of times where penguins in artwork wore clothing that never were actual items)

...but speaking of speculation, as a somewhat separate matter, this wiki generally tries to steer away from trivia with that, unless theres strong evidence to suggest a conclusion, take this trivia section as example: the speculation is that there may have been Bits & Bolts stamps, and the evidence is that:

  • there are three listings in the stamps JSON titled "bitsandbolts" for stampbook photos, although there are no associated swfs with these IDs, and thus no actual stampbook photos
  • the photos IDs are 59-61; Puffle Launch stamps (56-58; released March 14, 2011) are before them, and Ice Fishing stamps (62-65; released April 26, 2011) are after them- the Bits & Bolts game was released on March 28, 2011, between the date of the previous and following sets of stamps

because of these facts, it is highly likely there were meant to be stamps for Bits & Bolts, that would have been released at the same time as the game itself, despite there (to my knowledge) being no official word from any CP staff on such stamps being planned, so it is a rather reasonable speculation to make (in my opinion at least, but maybe I am biased here because I wrote that trivia)

but in the case of the theory of a pink apron being a planned item, there ultimately really isnt any evidence to support it, unless you happen to know of a CP artist or something saying something like "we had planned a pink apron that would have had a ______ special action, but we couldnt figure out how to animate it", in which case it would be all but confirmed, but as it stands, its mostly just a theory

another case is here where you suggested Rookie could be "may have become cursed as a werewolf forever"- admittedly, I dont remember much CP lore, but that seems kind of like a stretch, as this image seems to disprove this, as Gary suggests Rookie "stop eating the candy", which seems to imply he only still transforms (as of then) because he keeps eating the candy, rather than being "cursed forever"

also in the above link, "Pasquale or Ludwig" "possibly being his real name" also seems like a stretch, since the correct answer, as stated, was "Unknown", and if that was correct, it would have to mean those other two options are incorrect and thus not his real name, right? plus, I dont think they would randomly decide to reveal his "real" name as incorrect answers when the game is closing, so that doesnt make a lot of sense to me, those were probably just meant to be silly names put in there as a joke, so that theory doesnt seem to have much weight to it either

anyways, this explanation got a little long but in short, I suggest trying to avoid speculation unless theres at least moderate evidence to support the idea

Im sorry if any of this comes off as rude, that is not at all my intention, but the reasoning behind it is to try and minimize confusion of fan theories with official facts, because this wiki already has a handful of false information (or even vandalism) that people threw in many years ago that just flew under the radar, which I have seen myself lead to people being mislead on other websites (admittedly, sometimes its even my fault), but I appreciate that you dont try to claim your theories as objective fact

so yeah, apologies if I me undoing your edits come off as brash, but your contributions are appreciated, just wanted to clear some things up, this got way too long ....so uh, bye –Watatsuki Sutra scroll Watatsuki sig.png 04:37, May 14, 2020 (UTC)

Have I seen you before?

Hello, are you the same Splosh Jnr that I have been seeing in Club Penguin Rewritten? I noticed an edit you made recently, and wondered if you were the same penguin I spent time with. My penguin name is Tom Flipper, and I have an alt account on CPR called Sonicfishies.

Sorry if this is a bit off topic, considering this is the original Club Penguin wiki, not the CPR one.

Sonicfishies (talk) 16:57, August 3, 2020 (UTC)

Friended & blog question?

I've already friended you on CPR, and I seem to remember we visited each other's igloos together. Your igloo is nice! My username is Tom Flipper. Remember? Anyway, I like reading your blog. Well done with it! I feel inspired to make my own blog (or webcomic).

On one of your blog posts (How Do Puffles Communicate?), you mentioned you read through Herbert's mascot scripts. Where did you find them? I'm curious about it since I think it would make an interesting read. I originally assumed the mascots picked phrases from some kind of special modified Safe Chat menu. --Sonicfishies (talk) 10:54, August 4, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks & one more question

Thank you for your answer! One more question, though: Were or are mascots allowed to type messages in the chat manually, as long as they stayed in character? I'm really curious of the behind-the-scenes of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Rewritten, so if you can point me to a source of this info, that would be helpful. I'm more interested in the development of CPR, since that's happening as we speak.

Also, did you know that there is a Club Penguin Rewritten Wiki? I'm mostly active on that. I even made a drawing of SonicFishies (also called Dragonick) on the wall there.


--Sonicfishies (talk) 12:20, August 5, 2020 (UTC)

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